Thursday, November 29, 2012

MJ's Memorial For Our Diva

The SMA Queen, MJ Purk, made this memorial right away when Deedee passed away. MJ is very special to us, has always been our inspiration and we know that Dee looked up to her.

From the beginning she helped us with her insight and wisdom, she is a very courageus lady who also battles SMA type 1... yet she always finds time to help all warriors that cross her path, as well as she always remember the angels and has the personal task of creating a memorial video each time one of her SMA brothers and sisters earn their wings.

We always watch all of MJ's memorials. We always cried as whenever we looked at all the angels we also saw Deedee in their eyes... You will notice most of the SMA kids look alike: Same expression of fearless wonder and happiness, deep eyes that enthrall and mesmerize. We knew Deedee could one day have her video... We never expected it to be so soon.

Thank you MJ, for all you mean to our family, for all the details you had for Deedee, and for keeping hope alive in all that you do.

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