Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Months

It's been five months... Five months... 

Through the silent middle of the night a distant sound echoes in the wind... Just one sound, just one beautiful sound that said so many things at once. Whenever I heard it I knew, yes you were awake. And I would go stay with you through the night until the sun heralded the day. Whenever I heard it I knew that yes you agreed and all was fine.

But now only treacherous memory remains of such echo... and instead of bringing a comforting thought, it just brings the embrace of loss... coldness... ghostly shadow that only floats around me reaching out yet bringing no solace, no consolation... Gentle tricks brings bliss as the dagger goes deeper within. There is no stopping the bleeding that pours through the heart that daily kisses the thought of you. There is no stopping the numbness that wind tries to take away as it playfully caresses my cheeks... There are no words that can stop the tears that my soul keeps shedding each dusk and each dawn... as there is no light and no shadow in which your lovely sound... oh simple sound... echoes... to bring me home.

Saying I miss you falls short of all I feel constantly, at all times, in all ways... Saying I wish you were here with me falls short of what my heart feels such mercy would make it whole. Saying I'll see you again can only comfort what reason and logic must hold.

A world in black and white... A world with dreams reaped from breath... A world that may be just enough and just fair... but never perfect as perfect you made it... Yet I do hold one last dream, that just the right dusk I shall open my eyes and hold you again in my arms. Never to let go.

Never to let go...A gift from the Shadow. And so I'll keep my search for Eldorado.It's just around the river bend...

I love you, my sweet diva.

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