Friday, March 15, 2013

Deedee's Star

Deedee became our star almost 5 months ago, shining bright and guiding our path... But on Thursday night she somehow handed to us the star that she would have gotten at Give Kids The World if she had made her Make a Wish trip last December.

We are deeply touched that Deedee was granted a star, in memory of all she was... and because she would have been there anyway if things have been different. We are proud that her name is now among so many kids that have come to GKTW for their ultimate wish... She is already a star, but having a tangible symbol of what she is now will allow many to remember everything... and to keep fighting. This star is an idea of her, of her dreams, of everything she stood for.


Deedee, you will always be the flame that burn inside our hearts fueling inspiration and will. We love you deeper and more strongly each day, and we know that we will all be together one day... one beautiful day. Many hugs, baby girl.

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Anonymous said...

I miss her though I never knew her, I cry along with you both for your loss, and for all she went through she is finally free and able to walk among the angels and she has become one :)

Love Jai