Monday, April 1, 2013

Meeting Stella at GKTW

Our family had the delight of meeting an old friend of Deedee, Stella, in person! Stella and her mom, Sarah Turnball, have been of constant support through all these years. Stella is just as sassy as Dee was... apparently that is a common trend with SMA kiddos... they KNOW that they are the boss.

We all took a ride on the local train. As you can see, Stella had a nice view in the back. Kali had lots of fun, and we all know our diva was flying around not too far.

Kali showed off some engineering skills using building to construct high buildings. She was very helpful with the lady on the "throw a fish to the penguin" stand.

We all took a spin on the carrousel, and remembered how our diva did not liked to ride it at all. Like her mom, she would get dizzy... Kali is quite the oppossite, she loves riding the zebra and the unicorn.

Deedee got a star that marks the moment in time in which she would have had the star anyway as she was granted her Make a Wish last year... The big plan was for her to take a train to Florida, stay at Give Kids the World, and then meet Pocahontas and Mulan. Sadly, that dream did not come true... but Dee had many other dreams fulfilled and we know she did so much in her short life! 

We are just happy that she has a place among her other SMA friends, a little detail that gives us some happiness... She is our star, and she will always guide us. It is just nice to know that there is a place were we can go to honor her memory.

Deedee's star is 563134.  Her star is near Sophia's star in the castle's tower. Stella's star is at the main hall of the castle.

This is the main entrance to the Castle of Dreams. We had a dream of bringing Dee here to leave her mark and letting the world know that she existed, that she mattered, and that she would do great things. She did great things indeed... reaching the hearts of so much people around the world (even people from Finland, India, Indonesia, Russia and New Zealand! And right now, even if only in spirit, she keeps on bringing miracles into our lives... and whispering sweet plans and projects that she trusts we will make come true in her name.

Viva la Diva! Always present at our side. Always loved.

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