Monday, June 18, 2007

Silent...but certain

Deirdre had me worried for almost two days, as I didn’t felt her from Thursday to Friday night. She was quite feisty moving too much the days before… I guess she was really disturbed… By Friday night she came back to normal, being her lovely self, kicking just as I finished my daily bowl of Cheerios and milk.

The breathing thing is true, I find myself reaching for air, almost gasping at all times. The weekend was really bad thanks to the never-ending dust from the Sahara, which also leaves me with allergy… The heat and humidity is too much. Almost hourly I would have to go to the bathroom and splash water on my face and arms and torso, as I felt overheated… Summer promises to be a bitch… especially without A/C.

I really feel like staying at home, doing nothing but being in bed. The office is burdening me, plus my eyes close at all times… I am not resting all I need to rest, and it is all getting worst. I need to stretch myself to the limit… I cannot spend days at home without it being necessary, I need to leave days for sickness and doctors appointments… But God, I just want to be in bed… It is so bad having to do everything because money is needed… It is so bad feeling there’s no way out…

Life goes on…


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