Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tossing & turning & puking and loathing at Anthill

On Sunday made the great mistake of eating a grapefruit. It was cold and sour (just how I love it), and so I dig it with great delight… only to be constricting myself with pain half an hour later… Ugh! It was enough to disturb the whole day… Just managed to stay put, trying to be calm and serene about it.

Had an appointment at the GYN yesterday, and everything is just fine. Went to see the other doctor, and she kinda went overboard on the “feeling your baby” crash course… Her pushing and pulling of poor Deidre left her quite upset an irritated… I’ve been feeling nonstop nausea and vomiting everything that comes in to my stomach ever since I left her office… And Deirdre has been feisty, kicking all over and being quite upset…

Today was the 3rd course of “Labor Prep 101”… We barely arrived in time, and Deirdre’s misbehavior had me in pain, sweating cold and feeling overall blah… more blah than usual. Went to eat something at auntie’s… not much since I feel like throwing up everything… And finally arrived to my dear controlled environment… my office.

Feeling like crap, wanting to be in bed, in cold and unconscious for quite a while… Hopefully the bed part will come true soon. My belly feel quite sore, and Deirdre is restless… Sheesh… I’ll definitively put in practice the “STAY AWAY FROM MY BELLY” law… This kind of disturbance is quite a pain in the woohoo…


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