Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Had a gyn appointment today, so went with the mage. Today was the third pictorial sonogram session, and everything looks just fine. The growth is as it should be for 31 weeks, and based on the stats Deirdre weights 4 pounds. Again, the doctor confirmed she is indeed a girl. And all in all, I’ve only earned 6 pounds so far, so things are very much under control (hope that THAT keeps up!). Showed him the stats of the lab tests I had to do for the insurance thing, and what I thought was bad (high cholesterol and tri) turns out to be normal and fine because of the pregnancy. Having the sugar under control has been a curse, a pain in the neck, a stormy ordeal… but with the help, support and iron will of the Mage it all has been done successfully. He has the full credit, I would have surrendered to junk food on my own… Battling me has not been easy.

So, the girl has been a daysleeper, being a bit feisty at nights. A vampire in the making? LOL I’m thinking of taking vacations after the maternity leave so I get to take care of her until January. I think newborns should only be taken care of by their parents, no strangers allowed. We will see how that turns out. It is already a headache thinking who/how will take care of Deirdre while we both work... But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

All sonograms are together, now I need to try scanning them so I can at least put a face to Deidre in here! :P Problems with the cameras and missing cables have kept me from even updating the fotologs... Hopefully something will be done soon. In the meanwhile, reviewing the What to Expect book for the seventh month, and taking some Tums so heartburn is gone... true story.


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