Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apartment? Check!

Yay! After much ordeals, Daddy got an apartment. Meaning we finally have an address to process baby’s papers at the NJ hospital. Meaning we are one step closer…

Tomorrow morning Daddy will give the hospital the information they need, and we hope nothing else will come up on that matter. We are crossing our fingers, keeping our faith on a positive notice very soon.

Daddy says the owner of the apartment is a pastor who is also a community leader, leader of the night watch, teacher by day and volunteer by night. So we know that we wont be so lonely over there, and we will have people for guidance. The pastor may be able to help us get a job soon.

At the last minute, and answer... THE answer. God keeps on sending out angels to help us.

Meanwhile, our DeeVa was quite happy today, granting a splendid smile to anyone who visited her. In the afternoon, one of mommy's friends from work (Lulu) passed by to give some TLC to baby. Much positive energy helped changed the day's outlook. By nightfall, being playful and then resting a bit while Daddy gave Mommy the good news... talking to baby via wireless... Baby searched the room for Daddy, smiling while listening to his voice. Oh, she knows us by heart. The parking guy send his support to Daddy, as well as the Gatekeeper. Everyone has been sending good vibes to baby and to the cause.

Everything will be fine in the end. We have put all our trust in God's will.



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Liz said...

We are all praying hard for a safe trip to New Jersey for mom and baby. You have done an amazing job so far fighting for what your baby girl needs! Keep up the great work!!! (((HUGS))) ~Liz, ^Kalair^ and Arturo

P.S. Kalair was just the same as DeeDee is now when we flew to NJ after our local hospital messed things up. They will take good care of you guys!!