Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Strange Visitor...

In the middle of the stress about the transfer to NJ and the forced waiting game, DeeVa got a visit from an infamous mouse... Baby was curious about him, looking at him with haunting attention. She atually started crying when he went out. Hmmm, demanding attention? Nah! Yup, seems baby really has all the basic attitudes to conquer the world! :P Mommy wondered why she wasnt scared of him, and then later in the afternoon she realized why while playing "Fantasia"... Of course, the Sorcerer's Apprentice... Mickey Mouse is there, as well as in the intermissions... All in all that was a happy intermission from the overall "what next" mood.

Later on, Daddy called and got the news first from DeeVa's assistant... Baby took possession of the phone to listen to Daddy... She was quite excited about the mousy visit! But then, minutes later, she realized her big mistake... DeeVa says it all with her eyes! "MommySlave, PLEASE! MAke him stop singing! PLEASEEEE!!!" And Mommy knew what she was talking about, Daddy was on speaker... "Oh, Dear!"

Don't fail to notice the Teletubby effect of the bow on DeeVa's head! See? Teletubbies... Resistance is futile! (And it all began thanks to the StPatrick's day green bow, courtesy of a funny insane RT... How come I didn't think of that?).

The news for the day: Catastrophic Funds got the fax from University Hospital and next Wednesday will be the evaluation. Until then, try to relax and release... We have come this far, things won't stop now. People, send us positive vibes, and pray a lot for all of us, as well as for all other kids who are in intensive care and have missed many holidays thanks to that. May them all go home, healthy. May God's gifts of mercy and healing fall upon them all.

This is Holy Week. Remember so. Remember God's sacrifice to redeem mankind. Take a moment to think about it, and give thanks for all the blessings you have. We know we have many blessings, our greatest one being our DeeVa who is still at our side, bringing so much warmth and love into our lives! Easter may be fun because of funny bunny eggs and wabbit furs, BUT that is just a playful addition to the important main event: The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Let your kids know that before they go egg-hunting. The most important things are invisible to the eyes, but touches the soul.


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