Monday, March 17, 2008

Hospital in Newark... Check!

Today Deedee became 7 months old. In time to celebrate St. Patric’s Day! Yay!

Today during the afternoon Daddy called Mommy with great news: The Newark hospital said yes and will start contacting the island’s hospital to make the transfer ASAP. So, tomorrow morning our hospital has to contact Catastrophic Funds so they pay for the air ambulance needed for the transfer. Holy Week brings on some miracles with it. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is in our faces! Hopefully by the end of the week the family will be reunited again.

Deedee was crying nonstop today. Perhaps it was because of the bow in her head, perhaps she was just demanding attention, or perhaps she’s missing Daddy like crazy. A bit of Fantasia and some soothing words by Daddy himself did the trick. She was sporting that intense stare that is her trademark… And being lovely while bearing with everything. Our DeeVa is a strong one, with a quick-to-anger temper, and a soft soul. She’s the best of both worlds. She's been stable, but her secretions are changing color to light cream which may forecast another bacteria... Oh, we certainly hope she put herself together! Another bacteria would mean 15 more days of antibiotics... We trust things will move fast, so her needs can be adressed and treated, presto! God has helped us go this far, He will make things work. We know that much.

Daddy has done a good job out there. We can't wait to be with him again. These days have been sad and lonely for Mommy... But no pain, no game. Everything will be fine in the end. Just a little more time...


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