Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day and more

Here we are welcoming sunshine in the middle of June. The climate keeps on being crazy, bringing on heatwave and then cold days. It’s all weird. Me, I’m getting my therapies in place, in love with the mobile-puppets invention, and loving my Baby Einstein videos. Still enjoying songs, though. Occupied all the time, every day is a busy day for me! Sometimes it is hard for Mommy to keep up with me, but well, you know that happens when you reach a certain age… So I understand…

I’m happy. I’m blessed with so much people that care for me and love me so much! Little by little I know that God acts through me, bringing laughter and joy to everyone I meet. I speak so loudly with my eyes! And everyone notices! I am here to deliver a message to each and everyone I meet, a message of love.

Well, here goes a small glimpse at my daily life. This past week, in my life:

Therapist Helen passed by, and brought me a light up piano and an orange wedge! So now I have no excuses to practice being a bit more in an upwards position (not too much, though… my belly breathing gets bad when seated). I loved the piano! It will help me improve my fingers strength.
The day was hot (reaching the 100s), so I was kept in my nursery. No problem, Mommy makes sure I have plenty to do in there. The therapy games go on through the afternoon. At night we had another slumber party because of the heat outside! I won’t complain. I love having Mommy and Daddy in my room. Makes me sleep better as I feel much safer. I guess that’s why I’ve been in a happier mood… I love being around Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy woke up early to clean up and put together the apartment. It was all so messy! I slept through the whole morning, waking up at midday. The heat wave goes on, so Mommy kept me in my room after bathing me and doing the morning treatment. A lady passed by in the afternoon, the nurse in charge of evaluation before the official nurses that will be coming to help Mommy with me arrive. No official date yet, they should tell Mommy next week.

Aha! Friday 13th! I was told Freddy Krueger was around… Daddy went off to his courses and I spent the whole day taking it easy with Mommy. Therapist Patty is on vacation, and should pass by next week. The day was hot, but by night time there were thunderstorms! The light went out for some minutes, but came back fast. We were all packed in my room, because of the cool air and to play with me. Mommy read some books while torturing Daddy with the Spanish songs CD… That was FUN!

There was a bit of commotion outside my room… The landowner appeared with his nephew to put up a ceiling fan, and boy, were they loud! What a racket! Mommy bathed me and gave me my morning treatment, and just dared to peek outside the room… She is allergic to everything so she basically closed the door so we both would be safe from dust. In the afternoon it was all done… The fan works, but not from the wall switch… Blooper? Oh, well… At least now I can fly off the nursery to the living room and not be fried in the heat!

It was a typical Sunday, Mommy and Daddy were gathered with me the whole day. Since it was Father’s Day I was all dressed up in a pretty dress with Cinderella’s face embroidered in the front. Daddy played some in the computer, then watched some movies with me and Mommy. We were a bit sad that no one called or visited, but by now we are getting used to it. I tried to make Daddy feel special by smiling whenever he passed by me… Well, actually I’m always smiling whenever he is around. Yup, I’m a typical daddy’s girl. I’m very lucky to have him at my side most of the time. He is my favorite silly toy! :P

What an adventure! I did not fit well on the car-seat, so the bucke had to stay unlocked. We were lucky the taxi driver said it was okay… Not the safest, but Mommy insisted we had to go because I had a slight reddish bump in my head that she wanted to check. So, off we went. The equipment behaved, and we arrived safely to the office building. We found the place really easy, and waited just a bit. When I was called, a nurse checked my basics… I am 29 inches long and I weight 24.17 pounds!
The nurse was really nice to me, and talked a lot with me. She really liked me, and I know she sent many blessings my way. Then the attendant checked me up, DO Salinas. I remembered her from the day I was discharged from PICU… Mommy asked about the creatinine, the reddish bump in my head and my shots. Luckily my shots are due when I am 12 months, they want me to stay off any medicine as long as I don’t need them, and the red bump seems to be some kind of fungus for which I’ll be washing my head with a special shampoo. My 10-month checkup was a success, nothing was found wrong with me. They were surprised at my lungs being so clear. Well, what did they expect? Mommy and Daddy take good care of me. They want to keep my lungs as healthy as they can be!
I got an appointment for next month, my diet was changed to fewer feeds per day to see if I loose a little weight since I’m off the charts (gee, am I Mommy’s clone or what), and an ophthalmologist appointment in November. Going back home was less of a hassle as the taxi driver loaded me with stroller and all as he figured out the car seat was a big problem. We got home in one piece… I tell you, I arrived, and as soon as I was placed in my bouncer I kissed it! There’s no place like home!
Just as we arrived the mail people were here to deliver letters and a box. I got some nice dresses from Ally and Tina. They also sent Mommy some stuff for the kitchen (now Mommy cannot elude cooking! LOL). Thank you guys!

It was another long day. Mommy had trouble sleeping, and was in “default mode” for the whole day. Since it was a nice day she took me to the living room, where I was treated to some Princess sing alongs. I fall asleep by mid afternoon, as usual.
Daddy went to his daily courses, and arrived a bit late. Mommy had sent him on a special mission which he fulfilled brilliantly. When he arrived he sent Mommy to sleep, she looked beat! Well, actually she was… and she slept almost until midnight. She got up in time to watch Daddy do my before bedtime daily treatment. I fall asleep fast, holding on to my golden Sheepie.

Helen, one of my therapists, came in today. Mommy was just finished with my morning bath and treatment, and flew me off to the living room. So, Helen stretched my arms and legs, and played with me. I was a bit sleepy, so by the end of the session I almost fall asleep.
Mommy placed me in the floor, and while I watched some Baby Einstein she also placed the sling over me. She put up the restraints Daddy got me, and so my arms are in the air! I played a bit with my beloved MissButterfly. I watched the sign language, the sky, and the farm videos today. So far I love sheep and cows and the stars.
The day has been very comfortable, and is getting very dark as well. I think there might be a thunderstorm… They are very common these days… I don’t get scared. Mommy is always around to protect me.

And so it ends another week review... My, I'm so young and yet I have so much to tell! And I do so many things! It's not easy being a diva!

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She is so cute!!!! I Love the pic of her and her daddy (very cute) Sheila