Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Baby!

I know, I know... I'm getting lazy here! Well, actually no, is not that. Mommy has been VERY busy preparing the handbook for my future caregivers, in training for her new part time job, and taking care of me. So she cannot take commands from me as often as i would like... Geesh! At least she still surprises me every now and then! And I can do the same... Yesterday when she arrived she was down, tired, sad and beat, but then she looked at me and Super-Smile! Yup, all this time I've been keeping it a secret but I decided to get out and scream it to the world: I am Super-Baby!

Last week was normal enough... My therapists came all at once on Friday, and a new one joined the club. Her name is Tracy, and she'll be helping with my communication skills. Yay! Hopefully that way everyone will understand I am not that crazy about the mermaid! Daddy got mommy a camera, and now she's back to her photo-mania. She won't leave me alone! I just want to sleep, and she keeps making me pose. How rude!

Well... Gotta keep this one short. I gotta sleep, mommy's gotta sleep, and daddy's gotta play. God keeps bringing many good things into my life, and for mommy and daddy... some are blessings in disguise, but I know they are all over us. Thats why I smile so much lately! Oh, I know so many things! But I ain't gonna teeeellll!


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Bug said...

You are so cute, I just love your smile :) you are a happy happy baby!!!! Hugs Sheila and Sky