Monday, June 9, 2008


Wow! JUNE is here! The year is almost at its bellybutton… So much going on so fast!Each day something new happens, and I see that indeed the world is full of wonders. I am so happy that I have Mommy and Daddy who love me so much! They are always taking care of me, always trying to show me or teach me something new each day. Sometimes they overdo it… But hey, they make my days so special and unique! I’m thankful to God for giving me such faithful guardians… And all I need to give them is a smile! Can you get a better deal? No way!

From before last week:
Here I'm taking a bath before the OT visit...

While getting some advise... Here Mommy is getting the OT exercises tips.

This is NOT as comfortable as it looks! Oh Dear!

Now to the juicy news. Here’s what has been going on for the last week, so you don’t miss any important thing!

The morning went as usual, with the difference that Daddy was not around… He began his job-hunting courses, and that will take 15 days! So it will be three weeks with no Daddy during the day. Just Mommy. Should I fear? :P

Mommy has trouble sleeping… she’s not used to the sounds of the street… And I don’t think she’ll ever get used to it. Me, gimme food, good music, and a good glow in the dark plush animal, and off to sleep I go! Well, she didn’t look too happy today, but managed to do my morning routine. Then the guy from UPS brought in a big package…

Turns out it was an A/C! Oh, my! That kinda change Mommy’s mood. She was worried about the heat, since I get heatstroke and these past days I’ve been complaining so much about the heat when it comes. So, thanks to Lynette’s gift I am the proud owner of a magical device that cools off my room! Now let’s see WHEN it will get installed… I’m still waiting for the ceiling fan…

The afternoon went smoothly. I watched Finding Nemo and Mommy did some scrapbooking. I think she’s finally finishing Year 2006. I can’t wait to see what she do with 2007, the most important year! (Of course, I was born! Duh).

Daddy took off to the courses, and Mommy prepped my breakfast and my wipe bath. She made me look gorgeous! And then she went on to the daily routine, ugh! I thought I had skipped that torture! Oh, well… She says it’s tough love, that someday I’ll thank her for that… Well, that I appreciate doesn’t mean that I like…

In the afternoon, the owner of the apartment showed up to seal some wholes in the tubes… They are trying to close gaps so that a clever mouse stops its visits. I think it is a girl, it is really clever! LOL Anyway, Daddy arrived and he began to setup the A/C in my room. Wow! That really surprised me! By night, I finally slept like a baby! Well… No pun intended… I reminisce of my sleep at the Hormigueros house… Quiet col place with soft light and the humming of the A/C in the background… I miss that room… I miss having Mommy and Daddy sleeping with me…

The day looked a bit murky. Mommy did the routine, singing aloud as she put the Canciones Infantiles CD and making me smile a lot. She bathed me and prepped me for flying off to the living room. It was then that she noticed her phone had two messages. She completely forgot that the OT was coming today. Helen had come upstairs and knocked at the door, but we didn’t hear anything… With the music and the singing and the suction machine noise it is almost impossible to hear a knocking… Mommy was pissed at herself, and worried that the OT would think she just didn’t felt like receiving her.

So she gave Helen a call apologizing for not hearing (Mommy also fails to mention she is a bit deaf… Oh yeah, she is VERY defective… but I love her much! ). Today I got no exercises and no playing with anything. I watched MaryPoppins and a repeat of the same sing along… Mommy was not feeling too good or upbeat. Daddy arrived and saved the day. He took me to my room, gave me the second routine and played with me for a while. Mommy was motivated to try showing me how to use the cymbals and that was FUN! Then to sleep…

It was a cold day. Daddy went off to the courses a bit worried as Mommy was not feeling well. Nevertheless, she gave me my routine treatment, a wipe bath, and stayed with me in the room. As she made me do my exercises, she started fussing with my mobile. She ended up adding the finger puppets to the mobile, hanging them with fuzzy wire at a length that allows me to grab them! She propped me up so I would be able to touch them, feel them, watch them up close and personal each time they pass turning as the mobile spins… Way cool! Playing with that made the hours fly away!

I got mail from an old classmate of Mommy, Katherine. Her daughter saw my webpage and wanted to help me out. So they raised money for me, and send it to Mommy. Thank you both! Those funds will go to my savings account, I am keeping everything people send me so later on I can get the special stroller that I need, and other special things that will help me in daily care.

Later in the afternoon, I flew up into the sky to land in the living room. I was treated to The Little Mermaid, and then a Princess sing along. Daddy got Castle in the Sky so we all could watch it. I really liked it. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a Manga freak when I grow up… So far I love everything from Studios Ghibli. Spirited away was cute, as well as The Cat Returns, but by far my favorite from this is My Neighbor Totoro. TOTORO!!!!!

As the time for treatment was passed due by half an hour, Daddy went on to comply with it. With all the emotions of the day, I was beyond beat! And so I fall asleep really fast!

The day was crazy. Half cold, a bit hot, then cold again. This climate is as unpredictable as Taz! Geesh! Mommy woke up as Daddy went away, and so she began my routine… backwards. She bathed me this time doing a rag/soap/water bath. Yup, its “A hundred ways to bath baby”… At least there’s something new each day… Then she gave me the vibrations/suction/coughing combo of the morning.

I expected the Early Intervention people today, but both were sick! And being sick means don’t you dare to put a foot in my house! Even less in my room! No sick people near me!!!! No, it’s not vanity or being picky… I may not look like it, but I am VERY fragile. My lungs would not be able to take being sick as easily as any other person. So, prevention comes before anything else. That and to keep Mommy from having a nervous breakdown. I don’t think she want to visit a hospital for a long, long time…

By midday I was ready to go! Well… It’s more like all dressed up and nowhere to go… But who am I to complain? Mommy exercised me, adding those new moves that the PT and OT suggested. Wheeee! Variety! And my ankles are not as stiff as they used to be, so maybe it’s all worth the effort. I played with the light ball, practicing the complex on/off lesson. It was followed by Tiger. And then by the sound-thinguie-booklet “Let’s get busy, Baby”. Geesh, like I’m not busy already… By midafternoon Mommy gathered enough strength to fly me off to the living room. This time it was a sing-along bash-party! I watched the Lion King’s, then all the Princesses, then Peter Pan’s… And to close the musical/visual stimuli I was treated to Fantasia! Oh, I LOVE Fantasia! I always smile at the dancing mushrooms, then the dancing flowers… the horse people, and of course Sorcerer Mickey (my old friend).

At night I watched some designing stuff with Mommy, and soon came the treatment/sleeping combo, courtesy of Daddy. Who says I don’t have a busy schedule?

Mommy was cracking up the whole day… She didn’t sleep well last night because of so much noise, and a truck woke her up at 4:30am with its honking… She had a really bad morning, and the heat during the day didn’t help. Me, I hear nothing out of the ordinary thanks to the A/C. Ahhhhhh! This is the life! Nothing bothers me… I’m a cool cat, with my food and my exercises and my songs and my toys… I just missed watching my movies. Mommy didn’t want to take me out into the heat fearing I may overheat as has happened before… Especially since the temperature is REALLY high. But big deal. The mobile keeps me happy, and the music instrument session rocks!

During the afternoon I watched Mommy as she was messing with some odd tubes of paint… Turns out she was painting a poster for me. When it was finished I couldn’t believe my eyes! Ariel and Tink were together, under the sea! That was so cool! I love how mommy always do things for me, especially something different each day. Takes the monotony out of my routine.

At night, Mommy had an idea to be able to finally sleep… She asked Daddy to take the bed from the sofa sleeper and put it in my room’s floor. So, finally my wishes came true, in an odd way… Mommy and Daddy are sleeping in the floor of my room, so now they can serve me better. Yup, now they will have to put up with all my cyborg sounds: beepings, alarms, everything! I love it when a plan comes together! And with the weather forecast, this may be a trend that will last for the whole summer! It’s a good deal… Total service in exchange for cool air and almost soundproof environment.

Daddy woke up to feed me, and then to do my morning routine. Mommy was feeling lazy and tired, but at least she had some sleep… The first REAL sleep in weeks! Hmmm, I foresee that the bed slumber in my room will be somewhat permanent… LOL
Since the heat went on during the day, Daddy kept me in my room. While Mommy checked her mail, he took some of my books and read them to me. I love the ones with sound. Then Mommy got into the vibe and put the CD’s that came with the books from Puerto Rico… Oh Dear! Turns out all songs were the same ones as the ones in my favorite Children’s Songs CD… Just that they were so slow and boring… and played with the “cuatro” guitar in the background. The ones I like were the ones in the games book, where the Pon, Pon Pon and the Lobitos and the Tortitas made me laugh a lot. Daddy ordered some pizza and we all had a picnic under my crib. It was a really fun afternoon.

At night, Uncle Steve called and talked to me. I smiled, his voice always make me smile. Daddy did the second routine treatment, and off to dreamland I went… being so happy as I knew Mommy and Daddy would be with me, watching my dreams… Literally.

The heatwave goes on. The extremes are very annoying. Since we are all used to one constant throughout the year, we feel everything at an exponential base. Daddy went to the job hunting course (week #2). Mommy spent the morning cleaning up and getting weird calls from local marketing people. No plans for the day… Just me, sleeping in my nice, comfy room while everyone else fry out there were there is no A/c… :) I foresee Mommy scrapbooking under my bed while I sleep… LOL

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MJ said...

DeeVa! You're so beautiful! You know what, I used to watch Totoro too, he was my favorite. Tell Mommy we're making an appointment to see Dr. Bach and we'd love to meet you. I'll e-mail her when we get the date & time.