Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

Last Saturday I went to Disney on Ice with Mommy, Daddy, Kali and Nurse Marie. It was fun! I loved the trip, the princesses stories(of the three stories Tangled is my favorite, and to see her flying and doing so many amazing things was priceless), and the ending. Wow! Fireworks! I've seen fireworks on TV but never in person! They performed Princess & the Frog, Cinderella and Tangled. The first two were ok, but not thrilling. Now, Tangled was really magical. The flying hair, the flying act, the flying lanterns... Wow! I really hope we get to do more stuff like this, being careful of course.

Here's a peak of us during the intermission.

It is a short movie... Mommy forgot to take pictures, and Daddy has to shake less when using the cam. :P But the important thing is we had fun as a family! Yay! Another silver lining in the middle of our chaotic life.

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