Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Princess for A Day

Who said Halloween had to be over? Well, I knew Mr. Farina will keep on telling me some Halloween stories, so I dressed up accordingly.

To everyone's surprise, I decided to be a princess. I know, that thought is weird enough, but princesses can be tough too. Looking pretty, being tough... sounds like me! Daddy glammed me up with some of the bling that I wear on special occasions: The D necklace that my friend Pat gave me for my birthday, the bracelets that my friends from the pediatrician's office gave me, the dolphins bracelet that Mashaela gave me as a birthday present... Everything was perfect!

I had the dress, and the accessories, and I was happy with that. My teacher arrived and we had fun reading some stuff... To my surprise, Daddy went out in the morning and arrived with this beautiful crown. Gotta love Daddy, he is the best! That was definitively the finishing touch!

So... Crowned and ready to charm the world, this princess decided she deserved a nice movie marathon as a reward for her flawless school action!

Carry on!

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