Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year we had a cozy Thanksgiving day. Mommy and Daddy prepared a cherry chocolate cheesecake and a Virginia ham with Mommy's special family heirloom recipe. From what I could smell, it was all very yummy! I just got a taste of the cherries, but it is all ok. Surviving the Tiny Terror (my little sister who has a knack for taking off my mask) is priceless.

It was a great day that ran smoothly. I spent the time watching Bubble Guppies and Pocoyo with the whole family. Mommy put up the Christmas tree and Daddy watched Kali so she would leave me alone... Sometimes too much love can really hurt!

Mommy kept on hovering over me, finishing my nails and fussing with my hair. I have to admit that I like this shimmering hairband very much. Always a diva!

My sister was very inspired by the songs about bones, and so she started joining the beat with her drum... I just wanted a bit of quiet, but... I guess that will happen when I go to my haven... I'm trying my best to be patient and follow the Golden Rule here... Bear with me!

So... Food, music, kiddie shows and much love within my small family... No complaints. I have been blessed in so many ways! I am happy. How I couldn't be? I'm surrounded by love.

God: Keep on taking care of us all. Thank you for Your blessings and for Your love. Amen!

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