Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Bad tummy trouble. Have been restless for more than 24 hours... Mommy tried helping with Pedialyte, a heat pad, and ginger tea, but nothing... I keep getting distended after each feed, which is not normal in me! Mommy also noticed the ventilator doing 4 different sequences of changes at specific time intervals, so that needs a big checkup as well... The tummy trouble is winning, and it is just too much. My heart rate has been spiking during times due to pain that comes and goes. Mommy slept with me most of the night, and for a while that made me feel better (I think I really got some napping done by then). I spooked her with the weird hives that I get whenever I'm exposed to heat (I always have some kind of skin reaction whenever exposed to warmth... I am too special...), I guess that was a reaction to the heating pad. After that thing was off me, my perfectly rosy skin returned. Go figure... Daddy took me to ER in the morning, so now we are all waiting to get some results and answers. Hopefully it is nothing serious... The important thing is making sure I'm well hydrated and taking a closer look at my belly and g-tube. Oh, well... I'm crossing fingers so this is a fast visit and I'll be home in no time. In the meantime, hopefully I'll get to catch some Z's... UPDATE: Ok, so I'll have to stay for the standard 24 hours... With all the tummy trouble I did get a bit dehydrated and they want to make sure I am in good shape. They also want to monitor my high heart rate to see if it actually goes away...

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