Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!


What a week! My tummy trouble was sewious! At least serious enough for Mommy to insist that I should be checked up at the hospital. Off I went, and just earned a very small stay to make sure my hydration became stable again. My high heart rate was due to colic that was coming and going... 24 hours later I was released... basically on Wednesday afternoon. I was happy to go home, I needed a nice bath and full pampering! They just don't keep my beauty ritual in the hospital, how rude!

I spent Wednesday and Thursday recovering and watching What's in the Bible. Since it was Holy Week I also immersed myself in a small project that had 3 phases: Building a donkey, then shaping leaves and finally doing a foamy diorama of when Jesus went into Jerusalem and people received him with palms. I was to do complete another project, a wreath for the Last Super, but the whole tunny trouble left me too tired. Basically those were "resting & recovering"days.

On Good Friday my OT came in early in the morning and we finished up my stained glass project. We also did a construction paper bunny, which I really enjoyed. On Saturday we completed the egg project, in which we dyed some eggs and decorated them. Way cool!

Easter Sunday was quite eventful. Not only does Jesus comes back to life and saves us all, but Mommy also was born ages ago! Daddy got a big special cake, decorated it with some marshmallow bunnies and chickens, and we all sang along the birthday theme while Mommy blew the candles and made a wish. What a great year! Even Mommy gets to make a wish!

We all had fun and watched happy videos and movies. The latest on the What's in the Bible series arrived, so we watched it all day long. The Easter Bunny left me a big bag with stuff. I got some Snow White and Belle Squinkies and a fairy tales book (courtesy of Pirate Godfather), candy, and a big plush froggy (courtesy of Pirate Medina). For a moment I thought maybe Christmas came early! My sister also got a bag of goodies and her own tent/tunnel... And we both got to share a special card and its big booty, courtesy of Pirate Santiago! We also got to share cake!!! Plenty of it! It was great to watch Mommy laughing out loud... It is something that happens only on lunar eclipses.

So... Easter was a blissful family extravaganza. Love keeps on being in the air, and even the shrieks of my little sister were not that annoying. I am crossing fingers so we can have more days like this... What a blast would life be if this were a daily business! Love it!

God: Thank you so much for my family. I am lucky that so many people care for me so much, and that I am always surrounded by true love and so many songs! Each person that comes into my life is a song. It may be short and sweet, it may be loud and long... but everyone has a special note that always touches me and lingers within my heart. Thank You, God, for your sacrifice, and for the miracles You always perform in my life. You make my every moment magical. You are the greatest song of all! Amen!


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