Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Airplane

The Medina Family after the Amazing Potato Transformation!

Today one of my dreams came true: I visited the Little Airplane animation studios. Some of you may not know them, but it should suffice to say they are the people behind my favorite band of heroes: The Wonder Pets! I was so excited when Mommy told me that she had a big surprise for me! After watching some Small Potatoes videos she break the news that on Tuesday I was to go visit the people that makes the potatoes, my heroes, and so many other animations. I was too happy and just couldn't go to sleep right away. I didn't expect that Mommy would take my request so sewiously...

I guess that when I finally fall asleep my friends were singing in my dreams, as I woke up too happy and too eager to go with the day. Even my teacher and my therapist noticed I was giving the extra mile today... They were really surprised to know where I was heading in the afternoon. I don't usually get out from home on a weekday. All my outings are carefully planned... And they were excited for me, as they all know just how I feel about my dear animated friends!

We got in the car and the small big trip began. We all had no idea that Newark got so much traffic in the afternoon! Wow! I started to worry that we would not make it. I stared at Mommy, trying to see if she could read that fear in my eyes. I don't think she noticed much, as she was quite crossed especially when we had to go through the tunnel... I think Mommy does not like closed spaces. She was too happy when we finally got out.

After feeling like lab rats running through a maze we finally arrived at our destination! Alex, Air Traffic Controller at Little Airplane, came to meet us and to take us through the portal to land in the land where imagination rules. I paid close attention to everything that he explained. I met one of the artists, who explained to me how the episodes are made... Wow! So much work! Storyboards, proposals, individual attention to characters... Drawing here, cropping there... And so much work! Did I mention that it is all so amazing, and a product of so much work? But more than that, it is all a big product of genuine love for kids just like me! I had a blast, absorbing every detail of the presentation. I did not like it when Ming Ming turned green, she is a lovely shade of yellow thank-you-very-much. And I hope that someday when I grow up I can get to do something as amazing as all this. I keep looking at it all, and I just know that each episode that I watch is magic. These people are all magicians, and their spells are quite powerful and compelling! Ming Ming rules!

I was tired by the time it all ended. It is usually my nap time, but I forced myself to be awake. This is not something that happens everyday! So, when it all finished I went into a happy nap that was short but enough to power me up for the trip home. I woke up as we reached our car, and I said my farewells to Alex. The way home was longer than expected (3 hours), but it was filled with songs, creative thoughts, and much excitement and joy. If I could jump of joy I would have reached the stars! What a perfect day! How good it feels when something you didn't thought possible comes true!

Thank you, Little Airplane! Through the years you have filled my life with songs of joy, feelings, dreams and hope. Through your creations I have discovered much about the world, and about myself. And you have given me my best friends forever, a trio who stick with me through thick and thin: My animated heroes... my Wonder Pets! Until next time!

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