Sunday, August 24, 2014

Visiting Our Diva!

Here I am, Deedee, finally... after a year and a half of trying to come visit you... I am happy that I made it, and that I made your resting place a bit more happier. I really wanted to find flowers that resembled you... Sunflowers will always do that, my little Pocahontas...
I was not alone. Your Godmother Maria and your Godfather Steve were there as well... It was thanks to Steve that I reached my final destination. He knew how important it was to go visit you at your resting place... He knew it drives me crazy not being able to go there with the frequency that my heart demands... We all felt a little happiness in our hearts... You.
Your grandmother Edna was there as well. I also know that during the year grandma Millie and your half-sis Amanda, and Alex have visited you. Aunt Gladys keeps you in her daily prayers. It is not too many people, but is people that remember you with love and that did a lot for you while you were alive...
And then, you have so many families that you have touched over the years... Old friends and new friends that reminisce on you, on your life... and that wish you light and happiness and peace. You are blessed with people from all over the world that love you... that care enough to keep you in their prayers.
Thanks to this trip I was able to see Willie, the man that raised me as a daughter and that is always there for me against all odds. I'm always sad about not being near to help him now in his Golden years...
And same goes for Gladys... who is always alone in that house... But I know you see all this, and you visit her regularly, making sure that she survives... You are our guardian angel, and you also guard her. Thank you so much, Dee... for all the light that you bring into our family.
Pictures here, pictures there... Pictures lost, pictures found... Memories that remain alive and burn within our hearts... Your story matters, your memory matters, and in our journey trough life it is you who shows us the way. You are a tool for God's big master plan... And we are obliged to finish up what you began. You live on through us.
And while I travelled to visit you, Daddy and Sis went to the second special place that we have for you... Give Kids The World. They saw your star, your constellation... They reminisce on you, and on the joy that you are for us all. We celebrated your birthday at the same time... And we felt the happiness in you.
Thank you, Deedee, for so many blessings that you bring into our lives... Thank you for sending so many signals and messages this week, letting us know that you are well... that you smile at us and with us. Thank you for being the background music in the movie of the story of our lives... It is you who set the tone, and who soothe our spirits.
Much love... Every day... Always & forever.
Mom & Dad & Sis

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Kellel Courtney said...

So beautiful. Thank you for sharing her story with our family