Thursday, July 5, 2007

Between advices and heatstroke...

Ok, another experience on childbirth session… A coworker asked about how was everything doing… And ended up telling her two experiences. How nice… The first one that was a chaotic natural birth and the second that was almost natural ending up in cesarean thanks to the baby placing its fingers before the head and wiggling them to the doctor… Good thing was the description of the hospital and how it treated her. So it seems that La Concepción is really in good standing with the ones who have given birth there. This one told me to arrive early so I am certain to get a room… and that its either a solo or a dual room (in Perea is everyone in the same place). She also told me to bring music, focus on something I like, and ask not to have the clock in front of me so I wouldn’t get desperate.

Yesterday it was all a conspirancy to have me dizzy and nauseous and vomiting and with acute headache… Midday heat lead to heatstroke, and then when I expected things to get a bit better there was a mosquito plague control poison thrown early in the morning that made me nauseous and dizzy and with acute headache again… Ugh! Neverending story. Deirdre seems to be dancing the Egyptian dance, moving her arms side to side… sometimes it bothers when she does it below the bellybutton, but most of the time it’s really amusing… Looks like an alien ready to poke out!

The BabyShower crew held a small meeting at home to cleanup the patio. I have not checked myself, but the mage told me most is done so the surroundings are bearable. I hope the gov people shows up soon so they take care of the debris. Anyway, thanks for the effort. Three spiders gave their lives for the cause, and that is priceless! ;P


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