Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Showers, showers, and more showers!!!

Last Thursday the mage surprised me at night, as his arrival from work was heralded by a lovely portable cradle “moisés” filled with many goodies for Deirdre. Yup, his co-workers had surprised him with a nice baby-shower. I was surprised at all the stuff they gave us. So half of it all was pink, somehow I didn’t really mind. With all that a big weight was lift off my shoulders… at least Deirdre will have a nice place to sleep at our bed’s side for the next months after her birth. That had me going insane.

We decided to leave the kitties in the room for now… I have been thinking that perhaps it would be best to give Deirdre our room since the kitties are used NOT to go in there. What I will do is either take the kitties room or close up the upstairs “kitchen” area so it becomes a room. Anyway, that will be decided by December. For now, it is not so important. I’m focusing on making downstairs nice and pretty so it looks and feels like home. Upstairs is a matter of redoing the bathroom (which I envision will look perfect) and keep everything else clean. That should make me happy.

Yesterday during the morning had to do the first NST at the Metro Hospital. In human terms, fetus monitoring. What was supposed to take half an hour took almost two due to the nurse noticing that there was no flatline where it should be, but small rises that are a bit sequential… So I’m having contractions and I don’t know about it. I found that funny, but I know it’s not. Next week should make the second test on Tuesday, and got the doctor’s appointment on Friday… Anyway I was warned that if anything out of the ordinary happens I should fly away to The Concepción Hospital because there is a high chance of the baby due way before the expected date. Ok, so I want a Leo, but gee, gimme a break!!! I know, I should have a packed bag ready in the car, just in case, so wherever I am I just have to worry about getting to the hospital… I should try getting what I need between today and tomorrow. Luckily, not much to buy for Deirdre. People have been extra nice to her… and THAT has been quite a surprise!

In the afternoon they did a Baby Shower at work. I already knew it was gonna happen due to some infiltrated info from the mage, plus I’ve already seen the yellow bath and I had caught Cook infraganti while she did something on the shower’s schedule papers… LOL What I did not expect was to see in the wall a cardboard drawing of Pirate Kitty and even the less, a Pirate Keroppi! I love Kitty, but Keroppi has been my all-time favorite and no one really knows about this detail, so it was pretty fun that out of all characters they did Keroppi. I was also surprised at the gifts… Been here for more than 6 years and I know the standard for baby showers is one big basket made of the baby’s bath filled with stuff, and maybe two bags each from the closest people around… I got Three baskets filled with baby stuff, and ten bags, each from certain specific people. I also got a group gift from RUM and from Yauco. Yes, it was quite overwhelming. I guess that’s just how the mage felt when he had his baby shower at his work… LOL Well, another custom at the office is the program with some entertainment tailored to the girl having the baby. They knew I wouldn’t like the pink games they always do (although I was too happy to really mind anything), so… the theater lady of the office did a small performance based on a pregnant lady from Quintuples. From that inspiration came Doña Luz, who would give a small emergency conference about what to do in case of an emergency… That was hilarious. She got a pregnant belly, and even threw an inflatable lounge chair in the floor to show some techniques… Got three people reading poems and then the gift opening and the eating session. So, all in all, it was not the bad experience I expected… I guess people like me more than I thought… in some strange twist of fate…

Later in the night while I was reminiscing on it all, I realized that even Willo was there in the front row, third seat. What about it? Willo is the office rebel and loner that NEVER goes to activities and NEVER participates on anything. There was a gift from him, and he was actually present in there, smiling. I went to his office today as I got to work, asking him if he had a terminal illness or something. He laughed his ass off… and added that of all the people in the office it was something made for me, and he wouldn’t miss it. Damn, that should brighten anyone’s day!

So… Now all is left is the Private Baby Shower, which has been the drama of the month… Witnessing the insanity has been fun, even if sometimes one just wanna strangle the people involved. But I know in their own way the do have the best of wishes and desires involved… Sometimes the less you plan something and the more on the spot you get, the better. Just follow the simple lines: Have lots of food and drinks, kill your enemy, and enjoy the laments of your enemy’s women. Ah, Conan knew the good life!


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