Friday, July 20, 2007

From the witch's workden

This is what my co-workers nailed. I tried to put things together at home so the mage would have a taste of what he missed. :) I was surprised with the pirate HK theme, especially the cooky Keroppi.

The last two days have been a rollercoaster of emotions and rage and happyness. Maybe it's the hormones, maybe is the people, maybe it's me... My trying to make a home out of Rosered is a bit uphill... Contacts keep failing me. I want to put everything together so when Deirdre come in the only setup I will have to do is hers. Aint got dwarves to help me in that quest... just people that sometimes may show up if time is available (and more often than not they have too many things going on in their lives to actually help anyway). Very frustrating, discouraging and lonely. The mage helps, but since we have cross-starred schedules, most things just don't get done in a reasonable amount of time. And the handypersons we are to use have a knack for not showing up when they scheduled they would... in a repetitive basis... Not even being paid is reason enough to make people responsible. i get beyond mad and depressed because at 8 months pregnant there ain't much I can do if I want to keep Deirdre safe... I have been pushing myself to get the basics done and it drains me completely. I hope this madness ends next week, if the people actually follow through...

Besides RoseRed not finding a good tailor, the private shower thing has been a hair raising thing to witness. What a snowball... and in the middle of summer... Things look pretty bad in that matter. So I expect nothing but a friendly gathering that will be short-lived. Who knows, maybe I can get REALLY surprised in the end... Whatever. Everything has been covered thanks to bystander who have helped... Deirdre will be just fine.

Now, just stop being feisty,girl, and lemme climb upstairs, damnit.


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