Monday, January 28, 2008

Keeping on the fight

The Baseball/Softball Tournament was a success. I had no idea that in such a small community so much could be done. Zenaida and the community of La Perla are impressive troopers. They spent the whole day, from 9am to 12am… more than 12 hours… working non-stop at the place, selling food and drinks. They have been moving during last week, visiting people, asking for donations at houses and at traffic lights. The A-Team has been Zenaida and LightShadow, of course with their loyal followers. We can’t thank them enough for their efforts: Zenaida and her community didn’t know us at all, and still, they have given everything to help us out.

LightShadow as the SuperGodmother has moved things a lot, fighting the system and receiving hardballs sent to her arm… Deedee must be very proud of her basic team. We are trying everything, everywhere, as fast as we can… We know that things must be moved fast, because the sooner the better. We need to make sure that her treatment is started the right way, and that the follow-up continues that.

Today I called the government office for citizen service at La Fortaleza, as I had received an email to do so. They will pass note to Cathastrophic Funds so they are very aware of their much needed help. We already have most paperwork for the Cathastrophic Funds office, only two more to go. I should be able to call during the afternoon to make the date.

Yesterday we spoke about our case, asking for help, at the Fatima Mass radio transmission on 990AM. Also, El Nuevo Dia published our case in the SOS section (p.85). Last week I was interviewed in WAPA’s news by Leslie Cruz. Hopefully I’ll get a copy of that interview to post it later on…

We went to WORA on Friday, so information about the account and Deirdre should be passed locally on the western news this week. We spoke with El-Vocero and they are waiting for our next activity’s date so they print it along with the news. Hopefully someone will get us a contact for Univision, Primera Hora and radio contacts.

I sent out email for many government agencies and foundations both local and in the US. Most have answered that they cannot help, as they fund research not individuals. But we will keep on trying, SOMEONE out there must be able to help.

The next step this week is to get private schools involved. I know that students can help a lot as they actually have the time and energy to perform fundraising, especially based on the values that they are taught. Hopefully that will help.

We are trying to create other teams to work in other towns. Lajas and Sabana Grande are covered by Zenaida’s crew, but we need workers in San German, Cabo Rojo, Mayaguez, Hormigueros, Mayaguez and Anasco. We need team leaders for each town, in which we can delegate local fundraising. We need to ask Club Exchange, each town’s Lions chapter, perhaps the National Guard, the Catholic Church, and other organizations and businesses. We need hands as committed as the ones in Lajas/SabanaGrande.

So, now to the DeeVa status. Deirdre was smiling a lot on Saturday, maybe too much. Seems she lost that energy yesterday, as she was quite grumpy on Sunday. It took her more than two hours and some tickles from the vibrations machine to make her smile a bit. I know what is in her mind, she misses DaddySlave. She has not seen him for four days, and she wants his attention… period! He has been off in Mayaguez helping with the fundraising, helping at the Tournement, helping delivering papers to the right people… Today he should travel over here at night, to at least see her before our pass is over.

Besides Deedee’s Daddy-Blues she keeps on enduring, keeping herself stable while using her intermittent oxygen. The respiratory therapy keeps her making happy bubbles with her nose and her mouth. Some physical therapists are more adept than others, and luckily yesterday there was the adept/happy team that kept trying to make her laugh even through the uncomfortable suctioning sessions. This weekend I’ve found that they have been using the foot/hands bracers for helping with her joint positioning, which is good (I have been doing that the whole week long).

Upon arrival, I put our DeeVa to do her daily exercising routine, performing TioNovel’s favorites followed by Strawberry Shortcake’s Album of Exercises and Happiness (if you remember what THAT is… El Album de Ejercisio y Alegria de Rosita Fresita…my, you are ochentoso!!!), ending up with the She’s a Maniac special. Then she rests while a puppet session takes place, songs fill the air and eventually she falls asleep (three hours later). At least her fun never stops… even while bedridden. And that is good.

She has high spirits, high disposition and high will for staying with us… So she fights with all her strength. She has shown us just how much she loves us, and so she inspires us to fight for her… everyday. Step by step the mountain gets conquered. Step by step.


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