Thursday, January 17, 2008

G-Tube & Nissan Wrap

Time constraints, so will keep this one short. But I will update with details when I can finally sit down to breathe a bit...

Today is baby's 5th month. HAPPY MONTH-AVERSSARY DEEDEE!!!

Yesterday they did the g-tube & nissan wrap surgery. Since baby had to be intubated twoi days ago, they wanted to take advantage of that. Two hours later, Deedee had opened her eyes and was quite interested in her puppet friends. We were quite upset about anesthesia, but that spell lifted as we saw her being her usual self. They put morphine, and off to la-la-land she went... for a while. She woke up an hour before visits were over, so we managed a session of singing and playing. :)

They are still waiting for the cough assist to arrive. Maybe by the weekend, if the next holiday that takes place on Monday does not interfere...

Plans are to take baby either to Utah where Dr Swoboda is, or to New Jersey, where Dr Bach is. So I hope we can set up things towards that goal. We are getting paperwork for asking some organizations for help. We will need plenty of help since costs for transferring to US mainland are very high... LightShadow and some friends at ARV (my workplace) are helping on this matter.

Gotta fly off to the hospital.