Friday, January 25, 2008

Tournament of Softball & Basketball for Deedee

Yes, it's tomorrow during the day in Lajas, PR. I was unable to post it before, lack of time. But at least here it is! Everything consumed there will be for Deirdre Medina's cause. If you have a team, let the contacts know. Thanks!

The news so far:
TODAY: Will get the affidavits for the bank account and for Catastrophic funds. Will try visiting the mayor’s office in Mayaguez and Hormigueros. And will go back to San Juan to play with Deedee… The action never stops…
Tomorrow will be the Tournament, and on Sunday we have an appointment at Fatima's Church.

THURSDAY: Press interviewed us during the morning. Put together all of Deedee’s documents and listed what is left to be done. At the hospital something went wrong in the afternoon, as I was not allowed in for almost an hour. It is not clear if it was due to a mistake or an accidental thing, but baby got extubated and they ran to intubate her back. The signs of the sedative wore off around half an hour later, and soon baby was playing with her Bear-ely Princess. The Cough Assist has not arrived yet.

WEDNESDAY: We stay at Mayaguez almost for the whole day gathering paperwork for Deedee. The wait at the med card was extremely long, almost three hours, to get the letter saying they won’t cover the expenses… Oddly enough, the government offices we had to visit were quite fast. Finally, went to my workplace to write some mandatory letters, leave things arranged just in case, and leave the flyers. Went to San Juan to see Deedee, arrived at 8pm, but at least saw her and played with her for an hour. She was quite happy to see Mommyslave. :)

TUESDAY: At the hospital, the guy in charge of the equipment Deirdre needs met with us telling us everything had arrived and was being tested… Everything but the Cough Assist. They are STILL trying to get it within the island… I foresee this will arrive next week…

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