Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To San Juan and Beyond!

Last night Deedee was transferred to the Pediatric Hospital in San Juan. This is the best hospital in the island, so I hope the move has been for the better. We arrived just before midnight, settle the admission and waited until almost 3am to finally be able to see DeeVa and go rest at the local inn (Coriolis's cave).

Today, we went to the 1pm visit, talked to the doctors and at least they are willing to look at the information I've been trying to pull through... Perhaps now someone will listen? Well... We got a permit to be able to be with DeeVa almost the whole day, which is GRRRRRRRREAT!!! The mage will sty in daylight and so I'll try puling strings so I work in San Juan as needed... So after 5pm I'll be with DeeVa until 9pm. So far, so good.

They are to make a complete evaluation, hopefully they will read the links I sent them and hopefully they will try contacting DrBach and DrSwoboda. In an ideal worl I would have gone to the States as this all began, but right now I have to wait until things are settled a bit... I need funds to transfer DeeVa and to make sure that she gets what she needs when we get there... In the meanwhile we'll try to go with the flow, keeping her stable and trying to help her as much as we can... It would be perfect if this hospital would agree to follow the non-invasive protocol... We have already been warned that it is a bit uphill... Much uphill due to how things work here... But, we are determined to make this work. We will go to any ends for DeeVa.

She deserves a chance to live. We are the only ones who can fight the system to do so. God is at our side, and many people who happen to be working their magic... Prayers and actions are on the way. A long road lies ahead... So be it. We are not scared, we are not intimidated, and we won't accept no for answer. One way or another, we will prevail.

DeeVa seems happy with all this... She doesn't even know it yet, but soon she'll be sick of seeing us around her. Her craddle is full of plush dolls, and so imagination is always her reality... Her smile is ever present. And we will do anything to witness it, over and over and over... She looses herself in MrGallo and MrLion and Dolly... And now she has new friends... Uni, Wooflyn, Cowie, Piggy, and Drake. The puppet show... and her own show... goes on...

There is always hope. There is always a way.


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Maria said...

Glad to hear things are looking up there. Will call you tomorrow when you are more settled and I have knocked on some doors.