Thursday, May 8, 2008

A black ribbon for Great Grandpa

Deedee's great-grandfather, Papo (Pablo Enrique Comas Babilonia) died on Tuesday. It seems that no inmediate family will be around to say the final farewell today, as his son is in Florida, his sister is bound at home with no way to get out, and I am not really certain that anyone else in the family knows. He won't be taken to a chapel, but will be cremated and buried just like his wife last year. I was told this sad news yesterday night by his sister, who called me in tears. Yes, these are old people... He was 87, his sister Gladys is 85. What a sad thing, when you get so old you cannot do anything but rely on the kindness of those you helped throughout your entire life... to die alone surrounded by strangers who doesn't care! We are sad there was nothing we could do back in the island and even less when we moved to NJ. At least now we know Papo is at peace, enjoying the love of God and of his loved ones. May your passing through this world NOT be forgotten! May you rest in peace, free at last.

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