Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sunday was quiet, Mommy got a call from her sis and from her stepmom. Later in the day she called up and called auntie and godfather and her mom. Nothing outrageous went on in particular, just me trying to give her an easy day... you know, it's the least I can do after all we've gone through! Daddy gave her a vase with beads... true story... LOL But later on compensated with a chocolate cake. I would have tried it, but I am not interested in loosing my figure, you know... Oh, the diva-duties! But I know Mommy loved it... She's a choco-maniac! Watch that sugar, Mommy!

Me, I've been watching marathons of the Princesses Sing Along! Gosh, I absolutely love it! Can't wait to get another one! Mommy and Daddy are going insane hearing it nonstop, but I don't care! They want me happy, no? So... Bear with it!

Therapist will arrive next week, I keep my daily routine, paperwork filled is finally giving positive results, and little by little all is falling into place. Yesterday I tried pear juice! Yup, a whole cup of that! Gave me a bit of tummy trouble, but besides that I don't see the big fuss about it... I tasted it and I was not impressed. Whatever... I kinda prefer either water or my beloved fake milk. But I know they will keep on pushing other stuff in my nutrition schedule... That happens when they get bore!

I'm still missing Octi... My stuff still has not arrived, and I needs all my blankies and clothing and toys... I hope nothing got lost in the mail... I want Octi and I want him now!!!

Mommy seems a bit happier as she got to actually get out of the house on Monday! Yup, I was at Daddy's mercy but have no fear, he actually handles all my wishes and needs really REALLY well. Besides, he keeps me very entertained playing Kingdom Hearts... Oh, yes, wanna bet which is my favorite part? Ariel's appearances, of course!

Well, I will go now. I'm a bit sleepy, so I'll see you all soon! I hope all the mommies ut there had a happy mother's day! Love you all!


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