Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just having fun!

Here I am, just after taking a short nap! I got sleepy watching an ANTM rerun, shame on me! Well, nevermind that! I got up in time to catch some Princesses songs! Yay!

If you think mommy is a bit psycho, you better believe it! See the tubing of my ventilator, and the mask, ready to be strapped on me? She hears a beep and runs towards me! I give her one thing: I absolutely LOVE the service I get!

Gosh, it looks like Ariel is literally in my head! I mean, you can see the tail, but no torso or head... If you think that is weird, wait until the next one...

A piggy in one hand, and a cow in the other... And that's suppossed to help me how? These things don't even sound right! They dont mimic the actual animals, they just sound like packed "maracas"... Here I am also pointing out my g-tube place... I gotta have my food!

Well, I think it's a wrap for now. I got all dressed up and nowhere to go, bow and everything... (Sight) The story of my life... But hey, one's gotta be a diva 24/7, no matter what. And it is so easy for me to be pretty...

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