Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Embracing SUMMER

Busy days for a DeeVa! Oh, yes! That’s my life! I keep moving people to travel through mountains high and through the deepest forests, just to see me! Two weeks ago, my grandparents from Texas managed such a quest, and landed here in my humble castle. I was so happy! I finally met them!
Last week, the ladies from my therapy circle began their job with me. The behavior specialist played with me showing me how a UFO-like ball with blinking lights works. And she taught me a song for playing. And she left me a book about butterflies! Later on, another lady showed up while I was taking a bath. How embarrassing! Oh, well… She heard everything about my story, and will be trying to go beyond her duty to help Mommy and Daddy get a formal job.
The weekend was mellow… Mommy scrapbooked and watched that Jon & Kate +8 show… Daddy played on the computer. The only one who calls in daily is my Godfather. He’s still in the hospital but is doing better. I wish I could get more visits… Mommy gets bored with no one to talk to, and I need attention beyond my daily minions! Oh, well… At least I have enough fun at daylight with so many Sing-Alongs! I am beat at night! Mommy complains about the neighbors making too much noise almost through the whole night… but I hear nothing… When I go to sleep, it is a serious business! Well, I do need my beauty sleeps after all!
I wish I had spent Memorial Day back at home! I may had visited a beach, at least to glance at it! The heat is turning up in this place, I hope that my minions put the ceiling fans soon! I don’t wanna be cooked for next dinner!
Well… That’s all that has been going on. Everything is in slow-fast speed… But at least nothing has stopped. God has been blessing us at all times, we are grateful for His ongoing care. I give thanks because I keep enduring, because Mommy and Daddy are there for me, because uncle Steve is getting better, because I have everything I need, because so much people care for me! I pray all my friends get better from their illnesses, that they don’t have to be in hospitals at all… that they can enjoy summer as it is supposed to be, FUN! May we all rest in God’s arms. Amen.


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Bug said...

Oh my you little DeeVa, you are getting so so so big, I Love to see your pictures, you are such a doll!!!! Have a good night Hugs Sheila and Sky