Thursday, January 15, 2009

DAY 8: 1st try at Extubation failed

Well, this morning they tried to extubate Deedee as she seemed to be doing well for the past two days, we saw x-rays progression and it all seemed fine. Turns out Deedee only stay on bipap for an hour, and had to be intubated. This time is a smaller tube. She's getting steroids for the inner swelling which seem to prevent her from breathing. This is similar to when we were transferred last year, as they changed the big tube for a small one and two days later extubated successfully. Crossing our fingers so that is repeated. They may try it again on Friday or Saturday. The "voices in my head" believe that extubation in the weekend will succeed... Let's see if I'm a good fortune teller...

I knew that this would fail, there where bits of blood when suctioning in the night which seemed to be nothing but alerted my "voices in the head". I didn't like that they chose to do it on the 8th day of her stay, would have preferred them to wait, but X-rays and numbers showed it was ok to go on. The Rt that was attending today is useless... The nurse was the one that actually seemed more in charge, besides the doctor. The funny thing is that Deedee was 99-100 without the mask, and whenever they tried putting it she would go down. The bipap was not in synch with her breathing, and seems nothing would straighten that situation. At least the intubation was fast and clean, no horror show.

After the event Deedee slept for the whole afternoon. They had to give a bit of morphine as HR would be 198-210. She woke up around 4pm, and from then on kept on being herself. X-ray showed her lower left lung collapsed, interfering with extubation. So now we have to wait and see what happens. Mark stay the night, and I know he'll keep the nurse and rt very busy. He's usually shy, but when it comes to Deedee he becomes quite a warrior.

Deedee is used to gentle loving management, plenty of care with her skin and movements... something that most staff members lack. Someone mentioned today that she was so sensitive to everything, and we flipped. Well, duh. She's alive, sentient, and aware of everything around her. She's not dumb. I wish baby could speak, to tell everyone a thing or two! One wonder what they would do/say if their kids where in the same position... Whatever. We are trying to keep our minds focused on Deedee healing and getting out of the hospital as soon as possible. So far Deedee has been lucky, and we dont want her to run out of luck.

God has listened to so many prayers! We keep on being humbled by so many gifts He has bring us all! As our second wedding anniversary approaches, we hope that our gift is simply a precious baby back at home. We need nothing else. Just the three of us is always the perfect moment in time! May God grant that wish.

Keep praying for so many children that have fallen to RSV and other illnesses. Definitively, Winter has hit hard! Hugs to you all, may you all be back at home soon!


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