Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been enjoying some lazy days. Being in the hospital for two weeks was not fun at all, with all that poking and brobing. I'm glad it's over. I know I gave quite a scare to Mommy and Daddy and especially to NurseGlenna. I hope things keep on being good, that I keep on getting stronger and that next week things get back to normal.

From the day I finally went back into my bed, it has been a coming and going of nurses... In and out... I would like to think I get visits because of my fame, but no... They come out of duty, and hopefully two lucky ones will stay as my stable caregivers. But I won't be hasty! And they are driving me nuts, I can't even recall their names... Daddy has been playing his inner training video to give each newcomer the drill on what must be done. Let's see if they actually pay attention... Well, as a matter of fact, let's see if no one else gets scared away. Usually after the first day of training, they don't come back. Fingers crossed... Not that I mind too much. I like it better when Mommy and Daddy do everything, staying at my side the whole day. It's more fun. They understand everything about me. Others may try, but there is noone like Mommy and Daddy.

The weekend went really fast. I'm still trying to get back on track, in matters of schedule. At least my numbers have been high and very stable. My friends from the island called me, making sure that I'm fine. I definitively feel so loved!

Mommy decided to give me a full bath in the tub on Monday. To make things special, the water had bubbles... and even smelled like strawberries and chocolate... So yummy! I stayed the whole afternoon watching She-Ra, peeking at Mommy who was putting away the Xmas decor... But then I saw the lights being placed differently, and some hearts attacking the tree... What's this? A Valentine's Tree? Oh Dear!

This week I have many things in plan... therapists coming home, tomorrow the family psychologist will visit us, pediatrician/nutricionist on Thursday... And on Friday I'll be in love...

Well, gotta catch my morning resoiratory treatment so I can see some Wonderpets! Just wanted to update you all in how I am doing, and thank you all for yurprayers and good thoughts. I am grateful to have so many people that care about me. And I'm grateful that God has been with me all this time, taking care of me, strenghtening me. I love you all!

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ryanandkate said...

Hi Deedee!!

We enjoy reading your blog and we are glad you are having lazy days - aren't they the best??

Mary says hi and wishes you a wonderful weekend!!

Lots of hugs and love,


Kate and Mary