Friday, January 30, 2009

Doctors, MicKey, Photo Date and New Nurse

What's new and Divaliciuos? Hmmm... let's see... Diet changes: The doctor insisted on lowering my food calories, so now it's 3 scoops instead of 4. In 9 days I've lost 4 pounds... Mommy & Daddy keep monitoring the changes. Mommy did some research and suggested to the nutritionist that maybe it would be better changing Elecare to Neocate, but that is maybe. We'll see what my nutritionist says next week about it. She seemed to have no problem with the idea, but wants to make sure... Anyway, I have some boxes of my formula to use up!

In the meantime, a simple message: I need to get carnitine! Sheesh! Where in NJ can you find carnitine! (Not in any pharmacy around us... What is so wrong with Walgreens in here? We have a BIG variety in PR! Come on!!! This is a big place! How dissapointing!) I need carnitine. I demand carnitine! Let's try a spell: "Summon Carnitine"... 1... 2... 3...

Oh, don't you like this picture of my belly? Watch closely... Yup, I no longer have that ugly big un-divalike gtube in my belly, oh, no... I got updated! Now I have a lovely, cutting edge MicKey button that shows off my curvy features! No more tangles! No more hiding in loose garments! I foresee a cute wardrobe ahead of me! Miss Piggy, WATCH OUT for the DUEL OF THE DIVAS!

This week I met NurseMicheila. She's a cool chick. She tells me secret stuff, and pampers me, and out of 7 was the only one that actually came back for a second show... Not shy, and nothing seems to scare her! LOL I think she may have what it takes to be around me... Oh, and she is not scared of my beloved cat! I hope she sticks around. It would be nice to have someone happy besides Mommy and Daddy that actually sees me regularly... Talking about visits, I hope that NurseGlenna passes by sometime. I miss her! She understood all my divalike needs so well!

Thanks to Little Heroes Project, a cool photographer (Natalya) contacted my reps (aka Mommy & Daddy), and made an appointment to visit me, and do a nice photo shoot of moi. That is so exciting! Finally! Good pictures of me! (No offense Mommy, but all you do is throw that flash in my face, and drive me nuts). What is so nice is that this will be right after a special day... (Mommy and Daddy's 2nd Anniversary is just four days away...) and before Valentine's Day. Awwwww... Can you feel the love tonight? LOL I love you Mommy & Daddy! I can only give you one good big present, and that is ME! Nothing like the three of us, together in our cozy home, to celebrate. It's all about LOVE!

I am so happy and so relieved that I have been well. My only pains have been thanks to my teeth, they keep arriving (now its my upper teeth, ugh!). Little by little things fall into place. All by the grace of God, who gives me strength and courage to go on, who tickles my heart with His warmth at all times. May His presence bless everyone in need, everyone ill, lonely or sad. May healing and happiness come to those who believe in all the miracles He breaths upon us.


Maria said...

I don't know which carnitine you are referring to, but carries a big selection:

Nate said...

Hey! Oh my goodness! I haven't seen this pictures, or any for that matter, in a long time. She is sooo big! You guys are doing an awesome job! We'll need to see you again sometime soon, eh?! Take care!!!

GROUNDEL THE UGLY (aka Sti) said...

Oh Dear!!!! Watch out Tyra, here comes DeeDee!