Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CELEBRATING MOMMY & DADDY! Two Years and Counting!

Yay! Daddy sent Mommy some delicious strawberries covered with chocolate... I'm glad I'm part of the celebration. Yup, this year the three of us celebrate the 2nd wedding anniversary of Mommy & Daddy! We've been so happy and so blessed, being together and at home in such a special date! Last year it was a bit scary for them, we were all at the hospital in SJ... I had them going bald! But enough of stressful memories! What is important is the present. A present of us. That sounds just right.

About me... Well... During the weekend I kept everyone busy, beeping all night long. I'm such a party girl! Well, main thing is that my pulse-ox is placed in my foot (which I move when I sleep, so it makes the machine beep)... It's fun to watch Mommy & Daddy going crazy trying to figure out what is wrong with me. The not so fun part is when they decide to cough-a-late me! Ugh! That's when the prank backfires! I've had a bit of fever and I've been in pain, but it's been because of the arsenal of teeth that my mouth is pouring out. Gosh, it makes me miserable!

Today Tracy and Pat and Ellen gathered at home to discuss my improvements in communication and using the clicker. I fall asleep, naturally... Well, sue them for coming when I'm tired! :P Mommy told me they discussed giving me more choices, more alternatives of play, and even the probability of adapting a mouse so I can try using the computer. Gosh, and I missed it all...

Mommy made another appointment, this time with a pediatrician at Children's Spec. Seems the previous date is for the physician... Ooops... No harm done, as I got a date before the end of this month! (Oddly enough in Ash Wednesday). And she also finished today my updated "Caregiver Handbook", this time it includes much details of what is SMA and other themes so caregivers get REALLY informed! I should get my hardcopy on Thursday.

Mommy also created another blog about me... well, sort of. She told me that here I talk about everything that happens to me, but that others may benefit of the information that she has gathered with Daddy, and so they will put it all little by little in another blog, named DEIRDRE MEDINA so people don't get confused... And know it's about SMA Type1. Mommy wants to put things in Spanish so people from Puerto Rico can benefit of the information... Gee... She's always finding things to get busy, huh? Well, as long as she doesn't forget to service me, no problem! Yup, the diva comes first!

Nothing further to report... I'm gonna take my nightie respiratory session and then to catch Z's... I thank God for the precious parents that I have, who love me so much and show it at all times! And I pray that everyone ill or sad gets a spark of hope, healing and sunshine, so they can also smile!

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