Saturday, February 28, 2009


We hoped that Deedee would have been discharged today, but the girl just don't want to leave the hospital. After secretions had cleared up, now they all reappeared stuck in her right lung. Last night she was dropping to the 80s constantly because of this. So, today they are trying albuterol with another medicine to loosen the mucus and see if she gets better by tomorrow. So... One more day (crossing fingers).

Keep the prayers coming, so this episode is over soon. By now we are all very tired, and just want to be at home, together. Taking turns to be at the hospital may be the best choice in matters of being practical, but it's the worst as we spend almost no time together. So, yes, we all just want to be home, soon! We trust that this is a minor thing, with no further complications.

May God keep carrying us through all this, giving us strength, courage and stern hope.


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