Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And the extubation on Monday morning was a success!!! By no means an easy day, but at least the tube didn't came back.

The weekends had no news of consequence. Deedee's secretions were a bit less in the beginning, but by late Sunday they had thickened.

On Monday the X-ray looked well, so the plan to extubate her went on. They did so at 8:45am. Baby was struggling a lot. For the next two hours she kept hovering between 88-92 with a high heart rate. Then she settled for 95. During the night she gave some trouble, dropping once to the sixties but coming back instantly. Seems that secretions are doing the bad prabks... We had sick RT's in the weekend, so that may have affected the outcome (she had very clear secretions before the weekend, but by then seems almost all the staff became ill).

Tuesday went on with some action and then some quietness. Baby's getting plugs, and Daddy took matters into his own hands twice. After the shift change at night he had to ask for a change of nurse, as the one in charge of our case was sick... I don't get it. When they give cases, it is evident who's sick and who is not... It would be sensible that they take precautions with respiratory fragile kids... After all it is intensive care, no? Well... Hospitals just care to have slaves working so if they are ill they just demand they wear mask and gloves... But somehow that is never enough with our special kids, and they know it. (sight) What to do, what to do... At least the change was fairly fast after Daddy complained. The night is running smoothly under the circunstances. At least baby has remained using the bipap mask at 21% oxigen (room air), which is very good. Perhaps we will all be FINALLY home by the end of the week... Perhaps.

Keep on praying for our Deeva, as she needs to gather strength to win over the bad bugs! We know that so far she's been doing good fairly fast simply because of the good vibes and positive attitude. That is exactly what baby needs, what she feels and what she appreciates (besides food, of course). ;)

Mommy will be on Wednesday's night shift. She's taking two classes now, and assignments are driving her crazy! But well... Without sacrifice there ain't glory so... Sleep keeps on being overrated. :)



Tina said...

Dee Dee,
We hope you continue on your recovery and are home very soon. You are sooooooooooo lucky to have such an amazing mommy and daddy who advocate for you at the hospital. This not only helps you, but we hopefully also pave the way for better care for all children. I love your eyes in your new picture!!!!

Our prayers continue for you and your family!

Hugs from Chicago,
Tina, Ally and Family

CureSMA4Stella said...

Love those eyes!!! Praying you are all better soon! Big hugs to your awesome parents!
Sarah and Stella ;)