Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last week was very hectic for Mommy and Daddy, as they had to be taking care of me all the time. Such devotion! I just love my diva life! Daddy had to send our 1st shift nurse home on Thursday, as she was coughing a lot and he feared she could be catching something. And taking into consideration how weak I am, it was better to be safe than sorry. I don't wanna go back to the 5 stars hotel again, hopefuly for a loooong time! Well, the nurse went away and so daddy was on duty for the rest of the day. I secretely love when that happens, gives us time to bond and watch movies together...

On Friday the nurse didn't come, so we all assumed she was sick. I hope she gets better, I like her, she's funny. Getting someone for the afternoons keeps on being a challenge, and once again (as this whole past weeks) we were stood up by the 2nd shift prospect. Whatever. Me, I just love all this special attention. No one services me like Mommy and Daddy.

I had a picture session on Saturday, as Natalya passed by after midday. I was not really feeling it, so I confess I didn't feel like "working it". Don't know how those will turn out, I didn't feel like smiling. I just wanted to be left alone so I could watch my Wonderpets. Yup, I just wanted the bi-pap mask and my comfy bed and to be left alone. Mommy and daddy expected the speech therapist to come, but she was another no show... What's up with the no shows lately? I mean, by now I'm used to nurses not showing up, but hey, I will not tolerate that from my other minions! Come on! Work with me people! Throw me a bone! How can I rule the world is I have no reliable supporting cast?

Anyway, all that "being difficult" on Saturday lead to being just fine on Sunday. Ok, so I decided to give Mommy and Daddy a break... I watched some movies with them, I was with high numbers for 9 hours without the mask, I had a happy semblance... And they got a chance to actually do things around the apratment without having to fuss with me. My secret plan? I just wanted to smell the scent of cleaning soap! Yup! I love that apple blossom scent!

On Monday morning my nurse didn't show, and this time Mommy and Daddy got really, really mad. I heard some arguing with the nurse's agency... Oh, boy! I pretended i heard nothing! I just kept watching Treasure planet... I got bathed and treated and dressed up and then the ambulance passed by to pick me up and take me to the wheelchair fitting/selecting/vendor session. I almost fall asleep with the bumpy road! We got there and they started playing me as if I were a puppet... Gee, RESPECT THE DEEVA!!!! They put me in a tilted chair, and guess what? They put me in an almost seated porition... 70-80 degrees... Woah! I saw myself in the mirror... Gosh, I thought that stalking baby had come back, but after a while I figured out that had to be me... So cute I looked! So, the people talked about some customizations to what will be my first adapted wheelchair if it gets aproved. I hope so! I need to start actually doind so many things, and the right chair and support is the first stepping stone!

We went back home arriving late... Yup, that fitting session took a long while! We expected a meet and greet at 4pm but seems the lady got there earlier. Nevertheless she showed up later around 6pm, met me... discovered my condition as no one told her I cannot jump and run... Ugh! All in all this didn't went too well. We faced the same stereotype of all that I requested the agency not to send... I need someone who is full of energy and that will actually talk to me and help me do many things! Why send me minions that just wont cut it? I dont get it... Keeps happening... Will try to give the lady a chance today (well, I'm out of options, are nurses that scarce?). I don't get why the ones I like don't stick around. I mean, I have a ravishing personality, and there's no dull moment in my life! How come people don't wanna join my ongoing adventure... for real?

Mommy went to bed as soon as that lady went out. Her energy levels went flatline. Me? I have energy to spare! Watched Fantasia and Bambi2. Yup, keeping Daddy awake is one of my special skills. So... I guess that the main thing here is that I should be very, very grateful. I have loving parents that will go to any end for me. I get upset as people take advantage of their goodness... Hey, if someone is to do that, it is a privilege that only I can take! They are mine! Get it, people? No sharing rights over Mommy and Daddy! Understood? So... I gotta get my diva sleep, so I can wake up with a fresh mind to plot my next steps... Gotta evaluate my staff, my minions, and even my food! So many things to consider! It's not a simple life!

Thank you God for all the blessings you keep shedding upon me. Grant me progress, grant me strenght and will. Grant me love around me always. Keep me safe, and keep so many ill kids safe as well. So many kids need you, God! But you've got more than enough "good stuff" for each of them! Keep Gabby and Ally and Vivianna and Mary safe! May they recover fast! And help all others get stronger, so they can keep on bringing happiness to their families and friends. God, protect us all!


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