Saturday, February 21, 2009


The veredict of what baby has is pneumonia. Deedee has been taking antibiotics around the clock, her respiratory care has been also around the clock, and feeding has finally strenghtened her. There was a conversation about diet, and it was evident that the imposed diet to loose weight was leaving baby without the right nutritients, therefore she was very weak. So her feedings should be back to normal in the end, right now it's a transition of 3.5 scoops instead of 4 so it's done little by little. Already you can see results. Deedee is alert and responsive. The light in her eyes is back.

No fever in the last two days. The lungs atelestasia is getting better. They talked about extubating yesterday, but x-ray shows she is not ready yet. I foresee extubation on Monday if things keep on as they are. Secretions are very clear, green stuff is gone. Deedee responded very well to the antibiotics (which they have changed 3 times). This time the hospital team has been more responsive, so the experience has not been bad. We have been there constantly monitoring/watching everything, making sure that improvement is the only option.

Daddy will be doing a double shift, as Mommy began classes and there is an overload of assignments for the weekend. Daddy reports the day has been smooth, Deedee has good semblance, watched Wonderpets and Tinkerbell, and has been getting all she needs, and resting. Right now she's at 25% oxygen and her sat/hr is at 97/150.

Keep praying for our Deeva, for a fast recovery so we are all at home soon. She gave us quite a scare as the pneumonia hit her strong, but the agressive treatment gave good results. Hopefully there will be no further complications for extubation.

Thank you all for good thoughts and prayers. Keep in mind all the other kids that are going through hard times as well. May God grant healing and happiness to us all!



Maria said...

So, DeeVa's message is clear: "Don't mess with my Foooood!"

Vierna said...

I just gotta have it! ;P

Sky said...

Praying for you LOTS!!! She looks really good, and I hope she is doing better!!! I cant believe how big she is (wow) Hugs Sheila and Sky