Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been keeping everyone busy and on their toes! Mommyslave had no time to write what I dictate, but I said today: "Enough is enough! Update my followers, or feel my wrath! This I command!" Ok, ok... So I simply looked a Mommy and said with my big greyish eyes: "Please?". Even I cannot be disrespectful, I may be a Deeva, but Mommy is Mommy after all.

Last week didn't have further commotions. Well, except the little bit of Mommy trying to get a tooth doctor as something was up with one of her teeth. I wonder if she's teething like me... I had no new nurses visiting me until Thursday afternoon. Just as the family psychologist was here, the nurse arrived for a meet and greet. Wow! This one is very, very tall! She came back on Saturday to spend the whole day tending me... Well, watching my care, as Mommy & Daddy don't let anyone do anything the first day in the job. It's more like a "show and tell".

Saturday was Valentine's day, the day of friendship and looooove. It was a funny day. Mommy got to finally have a tooth doctor see her, then my photographer arrived with fabulous pictures of me, and then we spent a nice evening watching some Noggin. I went to sleep, and then a weird thing happenned at 1:30am... Someone or something or some-it clicked my clicker and the butterfly played music and dancing lights. Mommy and Daddy came running to my crib thinking I had done it, then they realized that my toy and clicker were in my changing table... Yup, Twilight-Zone moment of the night. Hah! Yup, don't tell them, but my telekinetic powers are kicking in! Get ready for some action!!!

On Sunday I got ready, with a pretty dress and even a hairdo. Yup, all dressed up for a ANTM marathon. That and the special of the wedding of Half Ton Man. Oh, Dear!

Today, I got up early, got my respiratory treatment, and now I'm enjoying the disturbing songs about being glad I have hair and nose and face so I'm a member of the human race... Oooooookkkkkkkk... I kinda prefer Moose and Zee to that...

Well, kitty got her food, I got my food too, and soon a new Wonderpets movie will come out. Life is good!

Get well wishes to so many kids at PICU and to those bedridden at home. And special hugs to Sti and Maria who always remember me wherever they go, whatever they do! You guys rock!

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