Friday, January 9, 2009

At PICU, Day 3

Well, right lung is a bit bad but getting better. Doctor talked about plans for extubation on Sun or Mon if things keep getting better. She's been alert today, watching WonderPets non-stop. Daddy stayed with her all night long and today. I'm getting things ready to drop before nightfall, with provisions for a long weekend stay. We are at University Hospital's PICU in Newark NJ. DrBach has been in and out, as there are 2 sick SMA babies (Deedee and a 2 year old who has been there for almost 3 weeks and is in very delicate condition). DrSinquaii and DrNevado have been in the watch, so we are confident things will run smoothly. We have no complaints so far. The only difference from last year's hospitalization is that this time we know what is happening, what to do, and we are definitively more finicky and demanding as we know what Deedee truly needs. Hopefully that will make a difference translating to a shorter hospital stay. Fingers crossed, and much hope and faith in things getting better.

There is no internet access available at the hospital, so don't know when I'll update. Guess it's back to the old ways... You may reach us at 973-517-7407 / 973-517-5909. Will keep this short, gotta run.



jennifer G said...

take it slow, don;t rush can turn ugly fast! Best wishes...she sure does look good!
Jennifer, Mommy to Jacob type I, 2.5 yrs

Sky said...

wow she is getting big, take the time she needs to heal, we are saying prayers and heal fast thoughts and wishes. She looks really good, keep up the good job shes going to do great and be fine Big hugs Sheila and Sky