Friday, July 15, 2011

2nd Week at Camp: AFRICA

This week went so fast! I have a new therapist (he is Bruce, the SLP), and my teacher brought the beach to my house (this was beach week for my Summer classes). I replanted my bean plant and discovered that the worms I had inside it have babies! Now I have a worm family! I also played with rocks and seashells, and saw a lighthouse replica. Did you know that the aquarium that I made has real sand from Venezuela? That is awesome!

I tried the camp during a morning to have the whole day experience. That was a flop, too long in that wheelchair and much frustrating... The movement and dance class unnerved me but I tried my best to stay cool... Mommy had a long talk with me about it and I will be a big girl and not cry (I was that frustrated!). I focused on my crafts, and learned a lot about animals, tribal stuff, and I got in touch with my African ancestors. So, as you may have already guessed, this week's theme at the camp was AFRICA. This week was sponsored by my friends in Miami: Mariana, Ceci and Alexandra (codename Terroristas). Thank you, team! You rock!

Monday was a crazy day. My teacher had a suntan! I enjoyed hearing about his beach adventure, then reading about the beach and underwater animals. During the afternoon we went to the camp and the kids were playing and being silly. We colored an African mask, and with that the theme for this week was set. The mask had to be brown as it was to mimic wood, and later on we would decorate it with magic modeling clay! I like coloring, but I was tired and I fell asleep. So, I napped, and then Roxy read everyone the book about an elephant that fall in a well, and how some animals pulled and pulled and helped it come out of the hole. That was a nice story. She announced that this week we would do something with that tale... The afternoon went on smoothly, I painted the base of the rainmaker too, and then I arrived home to nap some more!

I had class in the morning, so I was happy and ready to have fun outside. This time Daddy would take me and stay for a while, since Mommy was taking a driving test. I had high expectations of watching the movie at the Planetarium, but... we arrived late. And since Daddy did not know who to call, we missed that show. I was so, so mad! I cried and cried and cried! Mommy arrived, and I kept on crying. While the kids napped, Roxy came to read to me, but I was so mad that I just kept rolling my eyes and looking away. Mommy talked to me... serious business. She said that if I did not pay attention to Roxy the story would end and I would do nothing else for the day because I had no reason for being disrespectful. I thought she was just teasing me... So Roxy read, I looked away, Mommy asked her to stop and I was left without knowing how the book ended. I also cried myself to sleep. I should have known better, Mommy always means business... she has absolutely no tolerance for tantrums...

At night she gave me a serious talk: If I misbehaved one more time I would stop going to the camp. I promised to be a good girl, so I was granted one more chance. She says I am a big girl, and big girls respect everyone and follow the Golden rule. Mommy had brought home the tribal mask and some corn beads, so I helped her to complete my mask project before going to bed. I am not thrilled about sticky stuff... The magic clay was a pleasant surprise: Non-sticky! I loved it! It was fun to do the mask's nose.

The day began with quite a bang! My new SLP, Bruce, arrived at 9:00am. I put on a good face. I am trying my best to listen to Mommy's advises... Doing my best, being obedient, doing unto others..., being respectful, listening more... I am really trying. So, he arrived, then the old SLP arrived... Then my teacher and his supervisor arrived. What a full house! I must confess, all the attention put me in a good mood. The meet & greet went well, I showed them all that I can use the Tobii when I want to. I also heard a new OT is coming soon... Oh, gosh... My calendar is beyond full! So, I replanted my bean plant and I found that now I have a family of worms! The baby worms tickled my hand! That was so cute!

At the museum, I arrived in time for many tales. Roxy asked if I was going to be in the play, and I recalled I had said yes to Mommy. I was so apprehensive of that... last week I did not want to participate, but I said I would give it a try. I spent most of the afternoon listening to books. I especially enjoyed the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the encore reading of the Elephant and the Well. Elena also help to read the story about a dolphin. When I arrived home I asked Nurse Carol to read to me some more stories. Each time I enjoy reading more and more!

Thursday was a long day! After my mandatory therapy we arrived late to the Museum... fist thing that went wrong... Since I had to have my feed, I had to stay stuck eating while the kids went out to a class in the Auditorium. When they came back it was time for the Science session. I liked the themes: Energy, water energy, wind energy, solar energy. This is all second nature to me, Mommy and Daddy talk a lot about it. The problem was that I got really upset as I could not run in place to generate heat like the others... That really got to me. I was so frustrated I got lobster red as I was so mad! But Mommy helped me understand that I shouldn't get upset. I may not be able to run in place, but I can outrun any of them in a race! Just wait until I get my power chair (yes, because with Mommy pushing I'll get nowhere... oh, sorry Mom! You know I love you!). So they performed an experiment with water, it moved a bottle that had straws. I took a straw out, then pushed it back in. When I saw the water falling and the bottle spinning I understood the concept... and I stopped being so upset. The kids then did the beaded necklaces and I helped one of them since I had already completed that project.

By midday I went with Mommy and Nurse Mashaela to the Garden, and we got a spot under the shade of a tree. We listened to the Jazz music, and I have to say that I like the piano but I dislike the cello and the drums. My friend Roxy was there, along with other friends. I had a good time enjoying nature... there was a blazing sun but a cool breeze. We came back inside to the Auditorium to do a rehearsal of the play. It was fun to use a power ramp! I am becoming a technology junkie by the second. I was not sure of what to expect, but I had the feeling that it was all going to be all right. We all had fun. We went back to our classroom and I fell asleep quite fast. By the time I woke up, the lights had just gone out (my peers were napping)... So I watched how Teacher Melody was creating our animal head hats, and I helped Roxy to paint my elephant hat. I went home too exhausted to even think!

During Friday morning things got quite hectic. SLP Bruce came and we had a session filled with me practicing concentrating on my targets (in the Tobii) and trying to find the best position for me. I was beat and had no time to catch my breath, my PT arrived just as he finished with me! This people won't give me a break! After she was gone, I helped Mommy to complete my tribal mask doing its earrings. Finally, I gave the rainmaker its final touches: a beaded tail and my hand prints in turquoise. Cool stuff.

I arrived at the museum and then began the quest to look for my group. I thought there would be a small rehearsal, but no... What we knew was it. Elena kept me company for the whole afternoon. I like her, she's silly. We went to the Auditorium and we performed our play. I was the elephant. It was all hilarious. Mommy was happy because I didn't got bothered at all. I loved it. I'm thinking this may be my calling... Daddy was there with Kali to enjoy the show as well. It was perfect. Afterwards I needed lots of consolations because I just wanted to keep on being at the stage, but I know... next week I'll have another opportunity to shine. I really missed Roxy. I hope I get to see her soon. No one tells stories like she do (sorry Mommy!).

So, it is Friday night and I am beat! This week has been full blown moving here and there, and people everywhere. I look forward to a nice, quiet weekend filled with movies and maybe chillin' in the pool. Life is a dream!

GOD: Thank you for all the blessings you have given me, and that you continue to bring. I have learned about some friends in Russia and in Argentina that really need your help... Bless them as well, so they can thrive in your Love, Compassion and Happiness. Grant us the resources so we can try our best to reach out and give them some peace. Hold them in your arms, as you hold me and my family. Amen.


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