Sunday, July 10, 2011

My 1st Week at the Camp

Well, I started camp at the Newark Museum and all I can say is that it's been awesome! Getting out has been a big hassle and lots of headaches for Mommy, Daddy and Nurse Masheila, but it all was performed with success. I arrived safe and sound at the end of the day, and so precautions prove to be very effective. I have been a handful sometimes, but hey, I have a reputation to maintain! I'm a diva after all!

This was mostly warmup week for everything. Daddy is perfecting the art of carrying me, and we have figured out the best logistics to put things inside the car (including my baby sister, my nurse and my wheelchair). Mommy ordered a hitch and a wheelchair carrier that soon will make traveling less stressful and top safe... Masheila grew extra arms and legs defending my cables against the elements and the other kids! I tell you, it has all been an adventure! And there are 5 more weeks to go!

I'll tell you what I did every day, so you don't miss on the juicy details. By the way, this past week's theme was India. And I gotta thank my sponsor for this week, my friends from Puerto Rico: Carlos & Elayna! Thank you guys! I am very grateful for this big gift! I learned a lot and I tell you this is the fourth time in almost 4 years that I go out of my house and is not for medical appointments! I'm even getting a sun tan in my face, arms & legs!

I discovered the beautiful and mysterious India. I listened to its music, and learned about its culture and beliefs.


I was a bit upset because I had no class in the morning (what can I say, I am a big fan-girl of my dear teacher!) but I tried to put on a good face and went along with the show. Mommy and Nurse Masheila stayed with me at the Museum. I met the kids, and did my first project, a peacock (which is India's national bird). We went to the Planetarium and watched a movie in the giant dome! Wow! I want one of those! I imagined watching my Wonder Pets in such a screen! After the movie about the planets and their weather, we saw the current position of some stars. I knew about the big dipper and the little dipper... but then I learned about Cassiopea and where Scorpio the teapot is.

After that we went to a room while the other kids napped in the classroom so I could do the art project of the day: a henna hand. Roxie, the afternoon project leader, showed me some pictures about India and I let her know I knew what the Taj-Majah is! Then she traced my hand, and help me color it as if in a henna pattern. Way cool! We went back to the group room, watched the other kids finish their nap and have their snack, and then played for a bit until it was time to go home. Had a great day! The highlight of the day was when Elena grabbed my hand and said hello to me. It was the first time another kid did that, and it made me feel very special.


Wow! It was a long day! Had a blast in the morning as my favorite teacher came in and gave me a 3 hour class! Now we will be able to complete many projects! After that, I was revamped and taken to the museum. Upon arrival, we went on to the Auditorium to watch a movie. I have never been in a place with so much people, so I was not comfortable with that... Since it was dark, I just decided to ignore everything, close my eyes and fall asleep. I woke up as my group was retreating to the classroom haven. I was anticipating just being with my new friends, so all was fine until I had to go to the small project room to do the morning art project all by myself... The other kids were napping but I just wanted to be with them! So before we could complete the spice box project or even start decorating the funky wooden fish, I made it clear that I wanted to go back to the group. I cried and cried and cried... At least Mommy listened... Roxy took me to a walk through the galleries until I felt better and ready to meet my peers. Back into the main room I composed myself and was content. The highlight of the day was just being with the other kids, watching them... It is a simple pleasure for me. How to make grown-ups understand things...


During the morning, my teacher went on to keep on with our own Aquarium project. After my class, I was prepared to go have more fun. Upon arriving, we went to the Hindu Gallery and I really like the story about why the cows are sacred in India. We all moved our arms simulating the gestures that created the story. I really liked that. We went back to the classroom, and as the kids nap I decided to complete the spice box art project without fussing about it. Roxy also brought a wooden fish for me to pint and decorate. This time I painted the box, but I was growing impatient... I wanted to make sure I spent time with the other kids... I asked to be taken to the classroom, and finished the fish's face over there. Then I just enjoyed watching the kids napping. I took home the spice box and a wooden fish to complete them for next day... I made sure that Mommy understood how I wanted to decorate them. We finished the spice box in the night... Mommy offered to finish my fish but I did not want that so the project was left for the next morning. Hey, they are my projects after all! The highlight of the day was mimicking the gestures of the story at the gallery. I really liked that! I don't take for granted moving even if just a bit!

Day 4: FRIDAY JULY 8th

I finished most of my Aquarium project in the morning, starting with the wooden glam fish, and then went on to the Museum in the afternoon. We went straight to the Auditorium as on Fridays the main project is the camp's show and then displaying what we did through the week. The first part was the real Hindu dancers performing their traditional dance... Not up my alley. I didn't like the music at first, so I tried falling asleep. It was a short thing, and so I woke up as soon as I felt my wheelchair moving. We went to the classroom, and my peers practiced for their musical theater performance. It was something they had put together in the music & movement class during the mornings... I watched them but I was not thrilled when I was asked if I was gonna do it too! No way! I started crying to make my point clear. I did not like that music, and the idea of being in front of so many people... No, no, no. So... We went back to the Auditorium and the Camp performances began. I was wary of it all, but after a while I confess that I began to enjoy the performances. The music was too loud at first, and kids were screaming too loud for me... but as the groups presenting were older Mommy started telling me to listen... and so I did. I liked the few last pieces. I showed I was content with it. They presented a slideshow of the whole week, and I liked that too. I am very familiar with slideshows. We went back up to the classroom so parents could see our art gallery exposition, and then before I knew it it was all done. I was back home, carrying all the stuff I made... and feeling content but very tired! The highlight of the day was how my face changed from lobster to very calm when getting out of the Auditorium. So much people in such a small place is not my cup of tea! But I bear with it. I remember the Golden rule, and then I realize all the things that are consequence of my actions. I try my best to make Mommy and Daddy proud of me...

And there you have it, my first big adventure! Five more weeks to go... and I am really looking forward to it all! This has been the best Summer ever!

GOD: Thanks so much for so many blessings! You take care of everything. You make my heart smile. Work through, make me an instrument of Your peace and of Your love. Help me be just what You want me to be. Keep me in Your arms, as always. Amen.

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