Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Camp at the Newark Museum

Wow! I am so excited! Mommy and Daddy are making arrangements so I can go to the Newark Museum Summer Camp! I'll go for certain during the weekdays afternoons, and maybe on Thusday and Friday mornings. The program takes weekly themes for 6 weeks, and I am certain it will be quite a Globalization Experience! Mommy and NurseMasheila will be with me of course, to ensure my safety. I went today to meet the camp staff that will deal with my group, and they all seem so happy and nice! I expect good things to happen in the next few weeks! What a birthday present! It is all VERY exciting!

The themes that they will cover are:
India, The Spice of Life
Africa, Celebrate Contrast
Tibet, Serenity Now
Cuba, Island in the Sun
North America, Trail Blazing
Ancient Egypt, History's Mysteries

This all will begin on Tuesday July 5th, ending August 12th.

Mommy and Daddy launched a small fundraising campaign for this purpose, and some people have really demonstrated their support. Thank you all (you know who you are!). I am so happy that this will come true, and I look forward to learn, do arts & crafts, and make you all proud!

Summer is the right time for me to shine the brightest as it is the only time during the year that I can go out because of the weather. Fall, Winter and Spring are bad for me, but in Summer I can actually get out of the house and enjoy life! I know Mommy and Daddy worry about me, and it means a lot to me that they are also trying to help me do the things I want to do.

The other good news is that for Summer school I will have Mr.Farina back! I'm also very happy about it! He is such an outstanding teacher! This Summer will definitively rock!

Yesterday we had a second "pool party" in my living room. Some people may think my parents are crazy, but me... bring on the piña colada and the 80s music! I really enjoy being in the water, moving my arms and legs, with Mommy and Daddy fussing over me, and watching my favorite shows. It's all very relaxing!

I really can't complain. I am surrounded by love and so many blessings! God has so many purposes for me, and He acts through me every day, from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep... and then He watches over my dreams. My little steps are big steps thanks to Him!


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