Friday, June 17, 2011

Projects and tune ups

This week I kept on completing projects with my teacher. My favorite was the pinwheel project. Love the colors! It is so... me! Besides this, it was a drama-less week. I got all my therapies, I used my Tobii, I finally got a subscription to two cool activities sites (that should keep me entertained): NickJr Boost and the Disney Digital Books. Both do different stuff, one is all games and the other a nice book collection. Found some sites to help me learn to read, and will be visiting as much as possible... Gotta learn to read! After that, then the sky is truly the limit!

With all the activities I am getting quite tired... I'm napping regularly between nurse shifts! But I deserve it, I'm doing a lot. I've been standing with my stander at 55 degrees for 2 to 3 hours, keeping my stats with oxigenation above 96 and heart rate below 120. Is that cool or what?! I've also been enjoying watching old cartoons (Pete's Dragon, Dumbo, Lady & the Tramp, Sword in the Stone...) and I really have to say I like them a lot. I've been happier than average this whole week with all the new stuff happening around me! God truly looks out for me, and takes care of me in every way. Life is good!


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