Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuff, Dr.Bach, and Summer!

Well, I tried out the Trilogy ventilator and it was not a good fit for me, so it is back to the LTV. The RT switched me to a newer version, though, the LTV 1150. Mom read something about a LTV with integrated pulse ox, and they are on the lookout for its wherabouts. It's good to know I always have such a great company taking care of whatever I need.

Visited Dr.Bach on Monday. My vent settings were changed. Now I have deeper breaths, so my lungs keep on growing, and the respiratory therapy was changed to 3 times a day (used to be twice). Besides that, everything else is the same and I am doing great. Ever since the settings were changed my saturation numbers have been quite high (99-100). Yay!

The sun is finally here to stay (at least for the next 3 months)... I am looking forward to finishing the school year and getting into Summer so I study 3 days a week and get to go out for the other two. It will be a nice change, and I will get to get re-aquainted with sea creatures and the like. If this place had better climate things would be perfect! But at least we get three months of perfect. I am grateful for that! I am also giving some thought to looking for Make A Wish and deciding what to do with my wish... maybe for October or for Christmas!

These next months promise to be exciting. Father's day is around the corner. Then, my sister will celebrate her first birthday in June 23rd. July brings on full featured Summer school and some field trips... And August brings on my 4th birthday! I hear that my Godfather may make it here to celebrate me! I certainly hope so! I'm tired of the same faces all the time!

A new nurse joined my crew for the weekends. She is like a sprite, with a very cheery disposition. I hope she gets to stay. She is fun. By now I am very happy with my crew. I hope things get better now! Fingers crossed to that!

I heard Mommy and Daddy are going nuts with the new medical insurance changes. Now I cannot keep on with straight Medicaid as they are changing everyone to HMOs. I hope they can sort out which HMO is best for me... And I hope that I get to keep on getting my normal services and maintenance equipment. There must always be drama, right?

Well... That's the newest news. Keep tuned...

God: Thank you for all your blessings. Thanks for being there helping all kids that have been sick, or at OR like my friend Sophia. Thanks for such lovely days, and for surrounding me with just the right people. Thanks for my family and my friends, and for so many strangers that do things for me! I keep on being humbled by Your kindness, and Your Love. Hold me in Your arms always, God! Amen.

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