Friday, June 24, 2011

Return to Turtleback Zoo

I had a blast at the Zoo on Monday (after Father's Day)! When we arrived it was really hot, and I was not happy at all, but Daddy saved the day getting me sunscreen. Here are some pictures from my trip. And the video, at the end. Enjoy!

Getting into the train ride both cool me down and was fun, fun, fun! I rode by myself at the front of the train! Yup, this was my first train ride! Whoohoo!!!

Nurse Mashaela watched from behind me... Me, I was ready for action! Loved the lake and the tunnel!

Mommy and Daddy and Kali sat behind me, right after my trusty nurse Mashaela. Kali was quiet, so apparently she was entertained as well.

We went to an acuarium exhibit, and saw some fishies and Nemo and Dori... Not for long, though... A swarm of kids arrived and I had to run away fast!

The red thinguies that look like lobsters but are not... I love how they move around!Still, it was fun. I always love to watch my fishies (and fishies cousins)!

Mommy turns my head left right left right... Getting blurry! Nah, I know she is just making sure I can see it all. Love you, Mommy!

I see big, big teeth and a not so friendly grin... Num-Num-Num... Crockey!

Kali and me got fed just while we watched the white wolf through the looking glass... Way cool!

Just coming out from the bear's house (literally), and heading towards the bisons!

Getting into the carrousel ride. I've heard it is fun... so I tried it...

Hmmm... Round and round and round we go... Fun... for a while...

Now here I am just riding in a swan... Was fun at first, but got a bit dizzy...

My sister, doing what she does best... Maybe she just got dizzy while watching me... I definitively did not love the carrousel.

After such a long walk we were all quite exhausted! I was definitively ready for a nap! My sis... well, she screamed for a while but then gave in and sleep too.

Here's the video of my trip:

All in all it was a cool trip. My favorite part was the train... would have stayed there just going around, but there were too many kids and I had to comply... Maybe next time... in a cooler season (the sun was just too much!). Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!


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