Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Nothing out of the ordinary, just me looking amazing as usual. I am staying standing at 55 degrees for 2 to 3 hours... No sleeping!

Well, they say Puertoricans are ingenious especially when it comes to partying. There's a saying that we'll put up an A/C in the middle of the Earth if we were to live there... So it should be no wonder that if we cannot go to the beach a home pool is a no nonsense choice. And I tell you, I love moving my arms and legs in my pool!

I had no class today, so my parental units decided to take me out on a trip. Wow, after two years and a half I have returned to the Zoo! The peacocks still chased Mommy, and this time I had two firsts: I took my 1st train trip, and I took my 1st carrousel spin! I almost get my 1st sunburn too, but Daddy took measures after the initial scare and my skin is intact. One thing is certain, I really hate noisy shrieking kids, and going around under the sun (gotta love controlled environment and cool days). Our picture camera finally expired... so these pictures are not great... But the videos to come will say it all much better (stay tuned).

Summing things up, this weekend was AWESOME! I did so many fun things I am definitively beat! I wish we could party like this every day! Even being around my baby sister Kali was fun! Hey, I can get used to this lifestyle! (Hint, hint!) By the way: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DADDY! YOU ARE THE BEST!

God: Thank you for allowing me to create more happy precious memories. Thank you for surrounding me with love!


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