Saturday, July 30, 2011

4th Week at Camp: CUBA

This week went as a blink... My life is going so fast that it all seems a blur of memories! I discovered some facts about the Caribbean, the Taínos, Carey turtles, and the music with "sabor". I also went to a doctor's appointment, and had my usual schooling at home. This was a fast, happy week filled with excitement and drama. This week's camp at the museum was sponsored by my friends from Georgia (Kara & her family), and my friends from Tampa (Lynette and her dad). Thank you all, your kindness is making a big difference in my life!

On Monday I had my morning class and Mr.Farina was pleased with my attention and overall interest in all he did. I am really unwinding when it comes to books! I love books! In the afternoon I went to see my new endocrinologist. It was a funny trip... at the endocrinology clinic they wondered why in blazes I had been "dissected" because there is nothing wrong with me. They checked me up, agreed I have some pre-puberty traits but that so far nothing is wrong with me. They'll check up all the scans that had been done previously, and if they find anything unusual they will contact us back, but all they expect is nothing. So, the doctor say to not come back! I LOVE those words. I wish I could hear the same from everyone.

Tuesday I started my morning routine, had my class, and got ready for camp. I arrived to discover that this week would be all about Cuba and the Caribbean. The classroom was chaotic, the kids definitively were a bit too eager (or had too much sugar). I was glad when nap time came, my ears needed the rest! I painted a picture frame purple, and help cut a turtle shape. I also created a flower stem, it is supposed to be an orchid... later in the week we will do the pot for it. I also visited the Planetarium and watched the movie that they were showing that had Big Bird talking about the stars... I liked the movie. It mainly says that no matter where you are from on Earth, we all look at the same stars... By now I really REALLY know where the Big Dipper is. And I don't get tired of watching the night sky. I wish I was home so I could do this for real, not watching the sky through a movie projection...

Wednesday I had a great morning and was in high spirits to go to the camp. I really missed my friend Elena, she didn't come today. I completed another craft, putting seashells in the frame that I painted on Tuesday. The kids decorated the flower pot for the orchid but I did not want to do it, so I took it home. I spent the afternoon watching everyone and I wanted to leave a bit earlier to go to the garden. That green spot at the museum is really becoming my favorite place to be, I love the trees and chasing the squirrels. I've been observing how they are gathering nuts... Summer is here, but they don't stop their work of gathering food for Winter. We have much to learn from squirrels.

Thursday morning my speech therapist came in and we had an intensive session using the Tobii. Afterwards, NurseMashaela helped me complete the flower pot for my orchid, and then we went to camp. I left my orchid in its pot in the classroom's show & tell table. Everyone was gathered somewhere for rehearsal, but when I reached the place the rehearsal had been cancelled and it was back to the class... This week was very chaotic in every sense, but I didn't care. I love going everywhere. The teacher told me that they had visited the natural science exhibit in the morning to visit the cave, and so I went on to do it as well. I suspect caves was part of the whole Caribbean theme... Back at home we have very deep caves in Puerto Rico (and actually some of the longest underground caves/cavern complexes in the world!). I saw the cave and a short documentary, loved the glow-in-the-dark minerals, hated touching the fossils... And as a treat mommy took me to see some live bees! I love bees, Mr.Farina told me everything about bees, and watching them live and in their honeycomb was such a treat!

Friday morning I had another intensive session with the speech therapist, who seems to be very pleased with my progress. My physical therapist came, we tried a new headrest on the wheelchair but that was a big fail. I was so scared I would not even look to the sides! So... Another headrest will be tried later on... as usual... What to do... In the afternoon we went to the museum and watched the serious Cuba and Caribbean show. There was a live band! The music was awesome and lively, but I confess it tortured me a bit... I really dislike percussion instruments. They bother my ears a lot. For my class's show we went onstage and we shake some maracas! Mommy taped many maracas to my wheelchair, and so I ran all over the stage shaking my 8 maracas! I sounded like a hurricane! For the rest of the day I was Hurricane Deedee! After the show I wanted to go have my afternoon stroll in the garden, but as a treat I visited the Firefighter's museum. That was fun!

Here's the video for the show:

So, summing things up, I keep on learning and amazing everyone. I do make some things difficult when I want my way, but hey... that's why I am a diva, right? I'm glad about the whole museum experience. I have gotten to know new people, and the kids are hilarious. I just don't get tired of watching them. I may be quiet, but my brain is going thousands of miles per hour! So much to do before Fall arrives! So much to embrace and feel! I wish time would stop and let me be...

God: Thank you for keeping me healthy. Thank you for watching over me and allowing me to go and see the world! I know this is just a glimpse, but it is so much! I never imagined I could go beyond my little universe within four walls... I thought I would have to conquer the world always through a looking glass... Thank you, God, for being so good to me. Keep me in your arms, and keep everyone who surrounds me safe. Please give strength and courage to all who face so many hardships... Bring healing to all who are sick, and fill out everyone's heart with hope and Your love. Amen.


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