Saturday, July 30, 2011

At the Firefighter's Museum

I visited the Firefighter's museum right after the end of the 4th week at camp. Since I always loves to take a stroll through the garden of the museum, by now the garden is our mandatory stop. We were lucky to have a lady guard ask us if we wanted to go into the Firefighter's exhibit as it has an accessible ramp. Of course we said yes!

It was interesting to see so much historical stuff gathered in such a small place! And how the balance of old versus new is kept. One side has the old gallery, and the other side has a fire truck and an entrance to a kitchen and living room which mimics with clever effects a fire and what to do or not for safety. The interactive "show and tell" definitively grabbed my attention! I even got a bit spooked!

We were in love with the carriage... although we can imagine that it must have been really hard to actually fight fights effectively back then using this... There was a 911 memento that speaks for itself. Also many badges showcased in the wall... And a circular life net, which reminded me of Dumbo and when he was asked to jump to save his life... Ugh! I would be so scared and with vertigo if I had to do such a thing!

I enjoyed herself. Mommy asked me if I wanted to be a firefighter... I opened my eyes and said a big NO. That is just too dangerous! I am definitively not attracted to flames. I really admire firefighters... their job is really hard, and they do something very important. Saving a life is priceless. But the whole thing scares me so much!

Our visit was a completed mission, so we all gathered our stuff and went home. I was excited at everything we did, but also very tired... So I was glad I could catch some Z's.

Here's a video of our Firefighter Museum visit:


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